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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Foster-to-Adopt Party Theme Ideas

Foster-to-Adopt Party Theme Ideas from In Our Pond
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It seems like its hard to find ideas for adoption party themes, especially if you're adopting from foster care.  I've been planning Tadpole's adoption party and looking at all my old Pinterest ideas.  Here are some to consider if you're working on your own foster-to-adopt party.

*I know that every idea isn't going to fit every person, personality, and circumstance- these are just suggestions.  Use or dismiss at will*

Pun Party Themes

- "Luke was Adopted Too" (Star Wars)

- "Welcome to Our Zoo" (zoo)

- "We're Wild About This One" (jungle)

- "Wanted: Asleep or Awake" (cowboy)

- "Bee-ing Loved" or "Sweet as Honey" (bees)

- "We Found the Missing Piece" (puzzles)

- "Showers of Blessings" (rain/umbrella/rainbows)

- "You are My/Our Sunshine" (sunflowers/yellow)

- "You Color Our World" (paint/color/art)

- "Superman was Adopted Too" (superhero)

- "Our Family was Built by Adoption" (construction)

- "This is My Circus- These are My Clowns" (circus)

- "Love Changes Everything" (metamorphosis)

- "Stole My Heart" (outlaw/bandit)

- "We Want S'More" (camping)

- "Caught Ya" (bugs)

- "Bamm Bamm was Adopted Too" (Flintstones/dinosaurs)

- "Some People are Worth Melting For" (Frozen/luau/beach)

- "No Longer a Lost Boy" (Peter Pan)

- "Sweet as Sugar Candy" (candyland/ lollipops)

- "Bloom Where Your Planted" (garden/flowers)

- "Sew Cute" (sewing/buttons)

- "All American" (USA)

- "Home Grown" (farm/tractors)

- "Building Our Family Brick by Brick" (legos)

Foster-to-Adopt Party Theme Ideas from In Our Pond
Our most recent adoption party (Feb 2014)

Movie-Based Party Themes

- Martian Child (aliens/space)

- Free Willy (whales/ocean)

- Angels in the Outfield (baseball)

- Anne of Green Gables (tea party/garden)

- Elf (candy/Christmas)

- Despicable Me (minions!)

- Meet the Robinsons (robots/science)

- The Blind Side (football)

- Cinderella/Tangled (princess)

- Kung Fu Panda (China/pandas)

- Up (balloons, outdoors)

- Lilo and Stitch (Hawaii/luau)

- The Book Thief (bookworm)

Foster-to-Adopt Party Theme Ideas from In Our Pond

Themes We've Done

- Girly Girl (pink, black, and white paisley)

- "We Found Nemo" or "O-fish-ally Adopted" (nemo/coral reef)

- "This Family was Built by Adoption" (construction)

Foster-to-Adopt Party Theme Ideas from In Our Pond
I had so much fun with this theme!

Guest Book Ideas

- jenga blocks

- fingerprint tree

- puzzle pieces

- wood hearts shadow box

- picture frame mat

- video wishes

- new family name initial

- message in a bottle

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  4. Wow!! Such an excellent post. You have shared brilliant themes here. Want to plan my son’s birthday and planning to have star wars themed birthday party at one of San Francisco event venues. He will love it for sure.


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