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Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Printables (a complete list)

Update (Aug 3, 2017)  The full list of printables is now [here] or on the menu bar.

I try to keep this post up to date.  The last edit was on April 6, 2016.  At this date, I have 130 free printables on this blog.

June 11, 2015
I've also decided to include a never-before-seen bonus printable!  Dragonfly is really into matching activities lately, especially ones where one set of cards is stationary (like in my pirate treasure maps).  Just for her, I've made this Mickey Mouse color matching map.  Obviously, I don't own Mickey- the images came from disney.wikia.com.  You can find the direct link to the game here.

- regions of Asia
Australian animals 3-part cards (Safari toob)
river animals 3-part cards (Safari toob)
Galapagos animals 3-part cards (Safari toob)

3-Part Cards/ Flash Cards:
- Idaho Facts
- resurrection opposites
- American History
- American Inventions
- groceries count and clip
- transportation in Antarctica
firefighter cards
dinosaur skulls (Safari toob)
backyard birds (Safari toob)
- New York City (Safari toob)
- mammal skulls (Safari toob)
- John Deere pictures
- horses (Safari toob)
- monkeys and apes (Safari toob)
- exotic birds (Safari toob)
- USA symbols (Safari toob)
- whales and dolphins (Safari toob)
- venemous creatures (Safari toob)
- cave dwellers (Safari toob)
- deep sea creatures (Safari toob)

Busy Bags:
- Antarctica food chain
- turtle counting
- dinosaur bone sorting
- safari spelling words
- resurrection (easter) spelling words
- candy shop spelling words
- mickey colors match
- candy themed activites
- counting treasure
- wormy apples
- even and odd socks
- monster math game
- beehive counting by 10's
- quilt squares busy bag
- ducks number line
Cars Puzzles
space count and clip
pirate count and clip
- Christmas cooking graphing
- Thanksgiving spelling activity

Folder Games:
- bug jar
- flower to hive pollen transfer
- juggling CVC words
- pond games
- sorting bugs
mammals cards
- penguin measuring
- zoo animal matching (Safari Toob)
- bug matching (Safari Toob)
- roll and cover games (assorted)
- cattle drive roll and cover game
- seed matching game
- North American Animal matching (Safari Toob)
- color gradient matching
- monster word sorting
- monster size sorting
- rainbow colors spelling
- Bethlehem game
- marshmallow counting game
- firetruck roll and cover
- monster roll and cover game
- Finding Nemo matching game
- making teen numbers
- treasure maps
- desert animals matching (Safari Toob)
- yarn color matching
- animal homes game
- duck pond letters game
- laundry sorting
- cookie addition
- counting jewels game
- ice cream patterns
- bees and letter B game
- hungry bear roll and count game
- metamorphosis roll and cover game
- pillow shape matching
- sock matching
circus picture matching/bingo
pirate picture matching/bingo
space picture matching/bingo
mammals mini matches (Safari toob)
desert mini matches (Safari toob)
land and water venn diagrams (Safari toob)

yarn worksheets (set 1)
- yarn worksheets (set 2)
rain words spelling
- camping (set 1)
- camping (set 2)
- camping (set 3)
- grocery (set 1)
- grocery (set 2)
- monster (set 1)
- monster (set 2)
- monster (set 3)
- bees
- 10 frames
- milk tasting science experiment

paleontologist poster
- soccer quiet book maze page
curves and sticks letter building
land, sky, dirt handwriting cards
seeds coloring page
- Bible study printables
- counting with frogs
- calendar board printables
- moving countdown for kids
- travel journal
- thematic pictures: laundry
- thematic pictures: seeds
- thematic pictures: apples
- thematic pictures: insects
- thematic pictures: American symbols
- calendar pieces
- 5-paragraph essay organizer
- 6-sided 100 chart
- learning clock

Chalkboard Signs:
- boy Bible verse 2
- girl Bible verse
- boy Bible verse
- worthy is the Lamb
- a perfect elf day
- Lady and the Tramp Valentine's Day Signs
- elf diet
- the whole ocean
- keep swimming
- fish are friends
- Jesus Storybook Bible quote
- spring quote
- craft room sign
- star wars
- laundry sign

Printables Sorted by Theme:
1st Year Plan
- 2nd Year Plan

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  1. Thanks for linking up at Learn & Play Thursday link party! :) You have so many wonderful printables! Thank you for this wonderful resource.

  2. You're welcome! Glad you've enjoyed them.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! You have great printables and you offer them free!!! I love that you have the safari toob cards! You have saved me a lot of effort and time making them, but of which I don't have much of, so your generosity is appreciated!

  4. Thank you for your kind words. I'm getting ready to make some more Safari Toob printables. Check back soon for the additions.

  5. Thank you for your kind words. I'm getting ready to make some more Safari Toob printables. Check back soon for the additions.


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