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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wish List- Road Trip Edition

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It's March 1, and I'm looking way past this yucky, sleety day to summer.  Once again, we're planning a big road trip this summer.  We'll be driving for three long days each way, so I need to plan lots of things for my kids (and the parents) to do in the car.  Like most people, I do a lot of shopping on Amazon.  Here are 10 things that I want to buy for our trip:

{1} Chalkboard Vinyl
I'm going to give the kids cookie sheets to put on top of their pillows for activities.  I thought it would be neat if the backside of the cookie sheets had a chalkboard surface.  I know that I could paint the chalkboard on, but I thought I'd try this vinyl instead.  I plan on duct taping the edges to discourage the kids from picking on the edge.  And, the duct tape can be in their own patterns/colors so they don't get confused as to whose cookie sheet belongs to whom.

{2} My First Hidden Pictures Book
Do you remember the old Highlight's magazines that you used to read as a kid? (actually, you can print the hidden pictures on their website)  This coloring book is like the Highlight's magazine, except more simplistic.  Each half page has only five or six items to find.  The book is cheap enough that I won't feel bad if coloring and picture-finding turns into paper ripping.  I plan on handing out just a few pages at a time and anticipate having some leftover at the end of the trip.  They'll also be good to hand out to the kids' cousins during some restaurant time or other quiet moments.

{3} 4 Port USB Car Changer
This one is probably more for the parents than the kids.  It seems like on car trips, a family can never have too many places to plug in electronics.  This charger looks like a good solution (but I'll have to come up with some cord corrals).

{4} Aquadoodle Water Pen
My children are still young and are very prone to making messes.  Instead of packing a lot of markers and crayons (which just sounds like trouble), I'm going to make water writers and chalk.  I still come to regret it, but at least we shouldn't have as much permanent damage.  These Aquadoodles are markers that you fill with water, and then draw or paint with.  I think they'll work great with our "Buddha Boards" that I plan on making for the trip.  If I feel brave, I might even include some water painting sheets, but those might be saved for times when I can directly supervise.

{5} Rand McNally Map
Even in this age of GPS and Google Maps, we still like to have an old fashioned atlas around.  This one is spiral bound and has a hard cover to help it stay a bit more "whole" through the trip.

{6} Long Arm Grabber
Nine passenger Suburban.  One mom.  Thus, the grabber.  I'm hoping it will help me pass things to the kids and eliminate the amount of stuff getting thrown through the car.

{7} Color Sorting Magnetic Busy Board
Dragonfly's birthday is days before our road trip, and I think she'll need to get this activity for the car.  The magnetic wand is used to move little balls and sort them into colored paint cans.  The whole activity is contained within one board.  I love activities like that!  I think the sorting board will be popular with my kids, since they love our latch busy board that Tadpole got for Christmas.
Update (3/3/16): The magnetic boards by Lakeside Learning have been recalled- way back in 2010.  Lakeside Learning doesn't sell these boards on their site, which confirms the recall to me.  I'm pretty bummed, because I thought the toy idea was a good one.

{8} Jumbo Sand Rollers
Part of our vacation is going to be spent in a sandy area.  I thought these pattern rollers would be fun for the kids to try.  I could even see the older cousins and grown-ups using the rollers to add texture to their sand creations.

{9} Kid-Sized Headphones
Last year, I bought a pirate-themed CD player, but I didn't feel like the kids were quite ready to use it.  This year, I think Dragonfly is ready for her own audiobooks or music.  Perhaps it will help her cope better with chaos of the car.  These hot pink headphones are her color, are preschool-sized, and have a volume control.

{10} Safari Ltd Pirate Toob 
My kids love Safari Toobs, so they'll be excited to get a some new figurines for their trip.  I'm planning to divide the toob between the kids, and making some pirate maps for small world play.  When we get to our destination, the kids will be able to play with the figurines in the water and sand.  If there are any left after the trip, I can add the pirates to our homeschool materials.


  1. Just an FYI-- The link for the jumbo sand rollers brings you to the kids headphones too. Figured you'd want to know so you could correct that. :)

  2. Thank you. I've fixed the link. I was trying to do too many things at once. Thanks for telling me.


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