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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Entertaining Adults on the Road

A lot of my Travel Time Tuesday posts have been focused on children and families, so I thought that this week I would focus on adults.  Whether you're taking turns driving or riding passenger the entire time, here are some ideas to keep the adults happy on the road trip.

{Adult Coloring}
A summer road trip is a great opportunity to experiment with the adult coloring book craze.  Pinterest provides many free printable coloring pages (Scripture, mandalas, patterns, quotes, and doodles).  Of course, printing can get expensive, so buying a coloring book might be a better budget option.  Amazon has hundreds of options like The Secret Garden, animals, designs, and quotes.  And, if you should finish your entire coloring book before you reach your destination, adult coloring books can also be found at grocery stores, wal-marts, bookstores, and random other places.  Just buy another one and keep coloring!

{Music and Audiobooks}
Whether you're the one driving or the one coloring, music (and audiobooks) can help pass the time and set the mood.  A road trip is a perfect excuse to buy some new music and to revive some old stuff.  For our upcoming road trip, we've added a few albums of Mom and Dad's music, a few kids CDs (pirates!), and a few calm, instrumental pieces (we love "Be Still" by Nancy Leigh Demoss) to signal nap time and other restful times.

If you have an old car like we do, a radio transmitter is a great tool for playing audiobooks or music from MP3 players or devices through your car speakers.  Be sure to bring all the earbuds, headphones, and charging cords to keep everyone in the car happy.

When you're not coloring, it is handy to have a few handcrafts at the ready.  I usually bring my knitting or stitchery.  I really like the sewing caddy from Sew Many Ways and the knitting organizer from Makezine.  Crafting before the road trip is so much fun too!

Before the days of the Kindle, I used to travel with fifty pounds of library books reading, reading, reading all across the country.  I love that not only have I replaced all that weight for a one pound device, but I also love that I don't have to anticipate my book needs before a trip like I used to in the old days.  Now, if I run out of books on the journey, I can just load on old, but well-loved book onto the device, or a new bestseller.

Before your trip, be sure to check for free Kindle books, classic literature on Project Gutenberg, and bestsellers on your local libraries Overdrive site.  Summertime is a great time for reading.

What do you like to do in the car?  Comment below.


  1. We had several made up games; quoting movie lines from a specific movie until no one can think of one, quote a line from a movie and see if someone can guess the movie, sing a theme song and see if the TV show can be guessed, write a wish list together (the driver should NOT be the scribe), pick up state tourist magazine at a rest stop and read the attraction aloud to see if you want to stop there. I love road trips!

  2. Yes, Mom, we did have some good road trips.


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