Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Print and Go Activities (TTT)

The easiest types of activities for the road trips are ones that you can just print from the computer.  Here are a few that we're taking with us:

I printed the shapes and matching board from Making Learning Fun.  I cut the matching board so that it would fit on our cookie sheet lap boards.  After laminating and cutting everything, I attached the pieces with velcro.  On the back side, I used packing tape to put a snack sized ziplock bag to store the pieces between game time.  I think Tadpole (2.5) and Skimmer (3.5) will enjoy this activity.

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Dragonfly (5) is getting very interested in letters and reading.  Of course, princesses and Frozen are always popular too.  I though she would enjoy flipping through these Frozen Alphabet Cards on our road trip.  I also thought we could play a game where I said a letter or a character and she had to find it.  The cards are laminated and held together with a binder ring.

About a year ago, I made this Cars Tic Tac Toe Game for my kids.  I have my first set away, so I made a second one for this trip.  The pieces and board have velcro on them, making them a good travel game.  I intend to play this with the kids when we're at a restaurant, in the hotel, or at the reunion.  The original PDF also includes a Finding Nemo themed game board and pieces.

We love Pixar Movies!  I used these cupcake toppers to create a Toy Story Matching Game.  I printed two copies of the page, then cut out one of them and glued them to the top of wooden disks.  The game pieces and matching board are also stuck on with velcro.

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The Cars and Planes Cards printable could be used for a memory matching game, if you printed two sets of each card.  Because of the boys ages and the nature of our trip, I decided to print one set and use them like flashcards.  They are connected with a binder ring.

New!  The kids saw me making stick puppets for our next year of Mommy School and thought they looked like fun.  So, I made the kids their own set for the road trip.  Included in the PDF are two sets of puppets, a superhero set and a pirate set (cause we're going on a pirate road trip).

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  1. The pirate puppets will go great with our pirate unit!