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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cooking on the Road

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It's Road Trip Tuesday, and I'm back with more packing and planning ideas for summer travel.  Today, we're going to talk about hotels.  We try to stay a hotels with a kitchenette in the room, and a good breakfast.  After a long day of travel, it's nice to have the option of making some "real food" for the kids.  It also helps to calm the kids to eat something familiar in an unfamiliar place.  Most of the time, my husband and I will eat either PBJ sandwiches or a microwave meal.  Occasionally, we'll order food to be delivered to the room, or we'll order the whole family a pizza.  In the mornings, we try to take a few minutes to eat a good meal at the hotel breakfast bar.  If a breakfast at the hotel isn't an option, then it's easy to pack breakfast foods to eat on the road.  Here's what we pack in our "hotel kitchen."

Our Hotel Kitchen
- travel bottle with soap
- washcloth
- dish towel
- metal butter knife
- tiny knife
- paper cups
- disposable spoons

I'm not much of a food blogger, but I tried to take lots of picture of our road trip meals for inspiration.  Each of our on-the-road lunches were themed to add interest to the meal and to help me plan them before we left.

- sea shell pasta
- octopus hot dogs
- fruit swords
- chocolate treasure
extras: sword toothpicks
- dinosaur shaped PBJ
- dino bone graham crackers
- broccolli trees
extras: dinosaur cutter

- red, white, and blue spinach salad
- star shaped cheese and meat
- red, white, and blue skittles

extras: star cutter

John Deere
- tractor PBJ
- yellow and green veggies
- haystack rice crispies

extras: tractor cutter, knife

- crocodile PBJ
- summer sausage
- veggies
extras: crocodile cutter, knife

- jerky
- tortilla chips
- dried fruit
- beans?
extras: none

The lunch box labels can be downloaded here.

- mac and cheese packs
- bread/jam/peanut butter
- bags of cereal
- popcorn
- microwavable rice/soup/etc
- frozen potpies

To be honest, we carried in pizza twice at the hotel and ended up eating Subway or restaurant food for lunch.  Not all of our hotels were accommodating to hotel cooking (one didn't have a bathroom and several didn't have microwaves).  When you travel, you just have to go with what is cheap and practical.  No regrets.

I posted about the other foods we take on the road here.

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