Thursday, July 7, 2016

Number Tiles and Games

After making my letter tiles and some games to go with them, I thought that number tiles and games would be a good things to make as well.  I made these tiles to be the same size at the others (one inch square).  I included as many number-value concepts as I could easily fit on a small square.  I made my tiles so that one side was the numbers and one side was the number concept (word, clock, 10-frame, or domino).  Putting them back to back provides a "control of error."  I have included a colored set and a black-and-white set.

The tiles can be used by themselves, for math problems, or in these "number hunt" game boards that I created.  The numbers can get tossed in a bowl or sack and the players can take turns pulling out one number at a time.  If they find a match, they can keep the tile.  If they already have that number on their board, then they should put the tile back and "lose a turn."  The first person to fill up their board is the winner.

The games could also be done individually, with one set of tiles instead of all four.  I have created black and white versions for classroom settings and color versions for small groups or homeschool letters.

To download the number tiles, click here.

To download the colored number hunt games, click here.

And, to download the black and white number hunt games, click here.

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