Thursday, August 11, 2016

Chalkboard Calendar Set

You may have noticed from some of my other home decorating printables, I like chalkboards.  My dream is to have a big one in our kitchen by the table for schoolwork and artwork and inspiring quotes.    As I was setting up our kitchen classroom this year, I decided that a chalkboard calendar set was exactly what our schoolroom needed.

 I used an 18"x24" black foam board to be my "chalkboard" base.  I hot glued yard sticks, cut to the right lengths by my husband, around the perimeter of the board.  Then, I used 3M strips to attach it to the side of the cabinet.

I designed a legal sized calendar set for my fake chalkboard.  The base of the calendar is plain white, with the days of the week differentiated by rainbow colors.  I sewed plastic onto the calendar to make pockets for the calendar cards.  There are several calendar card options, and I'm sure I'll add more throughout the year.

Calendar  <>  Holiday Cards  <>  Number Cards  <>  Months  <>  Days of the Week

       Other Calendar Sets:
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             - mini calendar (8.5x11)
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