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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Family Friendly Attractions- Museum of the Rockies

While on our summer road trip, we had the chance to visit the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Mt.  This was a much anticipated trip, as the MOR has the largest collection of dinosaur fossils in the world!  All three of my kids are very into dinosaurs this year, so this was a great spot for them.

One of our favorite parts of the museum was the large T-Rex statue in the front.  It allowed the kids to explore the size of the dinosaur in the bright sunshine, without any mood lighting or sounds.  The statue was also touchable and helped the kids sate their curiosity before seeing the real fossils.

Another neat section of the museum was the paleontology area.  There was a small table in front of a window where visitors could watch the real paleontologists clean dinosaur bones.  The area also had a bookshelf of dinosaur books and another one with large dinosaur toys, puzzles, and games.  If you have a dinosaur lover, the dinosaur section alone would be worthy of the yearly membership.

The dinosaur part of the museum was very family friendly (except there were "scary" sounds playing in the exhibits).  The other half of the museum was a Pompii traveling exhibit, which was amazing but NOT family friendly.  The entire exhibit looked like a disaster waiting to happen.  First century wine jugs sitting out in the open, where any wild preschooler could knock them over.  Unprotected glass vases, just daring someone to pick them up.  Statues and fountains and beautiful frescoes.  Amazing and interesting and oh so very scary for a family with three rambunctious children.  The worst part was that there was no warning.  One minute the kids are walking on their own willpower, looking at dinosaur fossils behind glass and the next moment, we were walking into the danger zone.  Just be warned!

The brochure showed that sometimes that part of the museum has children's exhibits, which is what we were expecting.  But, after looking at their website just now, I think we just plain missed the children's section.  Bummer.

We spent about an hour in the exhibit, but we didn't read anything.  The average visit would seem to be 2-3 hours, I think.

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