Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jungle Resource Binders

This year, the kids will each have a binder that we will use to contain some of their resources.  Mine will have our calendar and basic curriculum plan.  Dragonfly's binder will mainly hold her "word wall" and a few other reference posters.  Skimmer's book will focus on letter writing and number identification- this will be his only book.  Lastly, I couldn't leave out Tadpole.  His will have letter of the week coloring pages.  Each binder has a small pencil pouch with a few writing instruments.  I made fun, jungle-themed binder covers to go on each of our books.  You can download yours here.  The PDF includes a girl and boy version (different designs).

I made this writing reference poster for Dragonfly's binder.  I don't anticipate her using it quite yet, but I wanted her to have it for the future.  I didn't include every possible type of writing, just the most kid-friendly basics.  This poster will be a good reference for many years.  You can find the printable for it here.

{In Our Binders}
Handwriting Charts from 1+1+1=1
Picture Dictionary from Miss Giraffe
Ticonderoga pencils
- sky, grass, dirt handwriting cards
- 10-frame sticker sheet
- Alpha Zoo phonics chart
- Children's Catechism copywork
- Zero the Hero coloring pages
- handwriting practice sheets

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