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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Frozen Themed Road Trip

Frozen Road Trip from In Our Pond
I'm a bit obsessed recently with themed road trips.  Check out the big Pirate themed one we did last summer and the zoo and dinosaur themed ones that I did as examples.

The kids have been asking about another road trip, so we brainstormed some ideas for the new theme.  Dragonfly suggested Frozen, which made the boys happy because they love Olaf.  It also seemed like a good winter-theme.  We don't have any road trips planned for right now, but here's some ideas in case anyone else might want to plan a party on wheels.

Frozen Road Trip from In Our PondFood and Drinks
The spine of every good road trip is the food, actually, of every party as well.  Here are some easy, fun Frozen themed munchies for your party-on-wheels.  Basically, anything blue, white, or snowflake-shaped.

- Olaf cheese sticks
- popcorn flurries
- snowflake cheese and crackers
- white cheddar snowballs
- olaf button olives
- snowflake sandwiches

Frozen Road Trip from In Our Pond
Games and Activities
It's very important that you keep your "guests" busy during the party.  Here are a few activities for in the car, outside of the car, and in a hotel.

- build a snowman magnetic activity
- Frozen printable activity pack
- coloring pages
- snowstorm sensory bottle
- stickers
- activity tray
- Frozen audiobook
- Frozen soundtrack

{Rest Stops}
- bubbles
- soccer ball
- yard bowling

- glitter slime
- snow writing tray
- sugar cube ice palace

Frozen Road Trip from In Our PondCostumes
Disguises are a fun way to get everyone in the party mode.  Frozen costumes and clothing are probably the easiest thing to find, but here are some ideas.

- Elsa
- Olaf
- Elsa Wig
- Anna Wig
- Olaf Shirt

Frozen Road Trip from In Our Pond
Face it, this is Frozen.  There are so many swag options.  Check the Dollar store for random things like ziptop bags with the girls on them or little toys.

- plates
- cups
- Elsa wands
- waterbottles
- blanket
- playset
- suitcase

Winter may be a good time to stay in and snuggle, but if a road trip is on the agenda, then I hope this themed plan is helpful.  And if you do what snowmen do in summer, then maybe this theme will help cool you down.

Frozen Road Trip from In Our Pond

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