Monday, March 27, 2017

Lily Pad Skip Counting Gross Motor Activity

It's Springtime!  Our snow melted last week, and we've been hearing the frogs singing at night.  Everyone is eager to get outside, but now it's grey, cold, and muddy.  I was thinking about how the kids need gross motor activities to work out some energy in the house.  The kids have been working on identifying numbers, so I though this would be a great activity to reinforce number recognition.  We could use them for counting by putting plastic frogs on each pad.  I also thought these lily pads would work well for teaching skip counting since the concept of jumping over a number would be very obvious.  I'm hoping we get lots of use for them in the future and that you will as well.

To get the FREE printable, just click on the link:
Lily Pad Skip Counting Printable

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