Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dry Erase Activity Books- Proclick Binding Machine

*This is not a GBC Proclick affiliate post.  I just like my machine and want to share ideas about how to use it in homeschooling*

I don't know why it took me so long to make these!  Every single Sunday, the kids get scrap paper from the church office to draw on and every Sunday, we always have a large mess of paper to clean up.  It's silly.

I printed my Free Activity Book for each kid, laminated them, then bound them with my new GBC ProClick desktop binding machine.  I used the 5/16 inch easy edit spines because the books aren't very large.  The easy spines are so cool because they allow the books to open completely flat and to bend back against itself.  All three of the books can be tossed in a binder pouch along with a couple dry erase crayons and a cloth for cleaning them.  Each kid has their own set of crayons so that there is less reason to fight during the church service.

The books contain a bunch of generic (non-religious) coloring pages, an alphabet to trace, a page of tic-tac-toe, and a page for the dots game.  I chose to not print my pages double-sided so the kids would have plenty of blank places for drawing and writing.  For each of my kids' books, I also made the cover with their names in bubble letters for tracing.  Here they are- all packed up and ready for Easter Sunday!

This is the first project I make with my Proclick.  The kids had ripped one of their favorite beginner reader books.  I could have just taped the book, but instead, I laminated every page and used my Proclick machine to stick them all together with the easy click spine.  The kids love the book even more now.  I love how durable it is for water, mud, and food (just wipe clean) and how professional the book feels.  I'm excited to find more reasons to use the machine as our homeschooling journey progresses.

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