Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Star Wars Themed Road Trips

It's almost May the 4th, which means it's time to start thinking about Star Wars!!!

I'm a bit obsessed with themed road trips.  Just check out my Piratezoodinosaur, and Frozen one as evidence.  In honor of May the Fourth, I present a totally nerdy Star Wars party on wheels.

To keep everyone from turning to the dark side, be sure to pack lots of fun, themed food and drinks.  From snacks to meals, Star Wars is the only way to travel.

- freeze Hans Solo in ice and use him as a cooler ice block
- light saber silverware
- teddy graham ewoks
- jelly beans
- grape light sabers
- graham crackers
- Bow-ba Fett-a Pasta Salad
- fruit snacks
- Princess Lays chips
- Vader-Aid
- mac and cheese lunch box
- Darth Vader sandwich bento box
- cucumber tie fighters
- BB8 lunch box
- light saber honey sticks and fruit

Keep your young jedi happy with lots of Star Wars themed activities, both from on the road and while you're stopped.  Don't forget to grab the Star Wars soundtracks to make every moment of your vacation epic.

- SW printable puppets
- glow stick light sabers
- printable activity pack
- SW visual dictionary
- SW Lego activity book
- movie soundtrack

{Rest Stops}
- Death Star beach ball
- SW football
- bubbles

- light saber fine motor activity
- light saber dive sticks

This, of course, can be anything from a themed t-shirt to a full costume.  Remember that comfort is key in the car, so chose wisely.

- #1 Dad tshirt
- Don't Mess with the Princess tshirt
- stormtrooper
- Rey
- Darth Vader
- Luke
- Leia

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