Saturday, May 20, 2017

j is for jumping spiders (year 3, week 30)

This was a short, strange week, because of our beach vacation, but we were able to squeeze in a bit of #howisafari spider fun.  The Hidden Kingdom Black Widow Spider was so detailed that we were able to use it to learn the parts of the spider.  The kids loved pointing out the spinnerets and counting the legs.  We watched a very interesting video about spiders called "Science Time" (linked below).  We hardly touched on spiders at all, so I'm sure we'll have to come back to them soon.

The week began with Mother's Day.  Dragonfly (age 5) painted this flower pot for Grandma.  She picked the colors and mixed the blue with white to get a lighter shade.  Then, we added the kids thumbprints to the pot to make flowers.  Each kid had their own color.  I painted the grass and stems on.  We got to hand-deliver this present on our road trip.

I had brought the carseats into the house as part of our pre-trip preparations.  The kids loved the novelty of having the seats outside of the car.  They spent a lot of the week sitting in them and pretending to be on the road trip.  Skimmer has been struggling with learning to buckle his seat, but he learned how this week (Montessori practical skills!).  They played for hours together while sitting in their seats.

- spider 10-frames
- Montessori 3-part cards
- spider chart
- parts of a spider worksheet
- spider notebook
- spider book

- spider sensory bin
- wrapping bugs in spider webs
- spider web fine motor skills activity
- building spider webs
- spider play dough
- giant spider web

- Science Time for Kids: Spiders

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