Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Beach Food

These are the foods we ate on our Moana road trip to the beach!


Shark Tooth Bowls
- Ritz mini peanut sandwich crackers
- shark tooth candy necklace (here)

Other Theme Snacks
- mini coconuts (roasted chickpeas)
- Moana Mix (tropical dried fruits)
- surprise eggs (easter eggs with candy)
- Tamatoa gold (cheese cubes)
- salted meat (jerky)
- boat snacks (applesauce pouches)
- sea coral (grape swords)
- seashells (bugle chips)


We decided that we wanted to pack our lunches for this trip to give us the most flexibility in where we ate.  I packed our meals in 3-section plastic containers by Ziplock.  The containers sealed up very well, and the kids were able to get the lids off themselves.

Shells (Wed)
- shell pasta salad
- grapes
- shark teeth cheese
- octopus candy (here)

Sea Star (Thurs)
- PBJ star shaped sandwich (star cutter)
- blueberry ocean
- sea urchin chips (poppables)
- star veggies (veggie cutters)

Maui (Fri)
- fish (round bread, round cheese, heart cut outs)
- fish crackers
- fish candy
- carrot coral

Beach (Sat)
- seaweed spirls (roll ups sandwiches)
- veggie swords
- b.e.a.c.h cheese (mini cutters)
- fruit

Moana (Sun)
- flower PBJ
- tropical fruits (veggie cutters)
- Ti Fiti broccoli mountain
- Tamatoa gold cheese cubes
- M.o.a.n.a cut out of cheese

{Lunch Pinspiration}

Blueberry Ocean Box

Island Lunch


Fish and Flipflops

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