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Monday, July 31, 2017

Free Printables

FREE printables from In Our Pond

I love making free printables for my home and homeschool, and I especially love sharing my ideas with you.  This page contains all my free printables (over 200).  Click on the pictures below to see them all.

FREE Montessori 3-Part Cards Printables from In Our Pond

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Free Printables for History Timelines

I've been searching for a good history timeline for quite a long time.  Time is such a slippery concept that I'm sure a visual would be very helpful for all of us.  After searching Pinterest for days, I finally decided that I'm really picky.  Instead of continuing my research, I decided to turn it into a blog post.  I don't guarantee that this list is exhaustive, but they're all free!

I find these pictures very engaging and interesting, so I think they would be good for younger kids.  They are secular, though, and are dated to reflect that reality.  This also wouldn't be a good timeline if you want to focus on Biblical history.  I think the strength of this set is in the modern history cards.

This set seems to be very popular on the internet, especially with families who are using the Story of the World (SOTW) Curriculum.  Each of these timeline cards is half a sheet of paper, but they can also be printed with more than one sheet to a page to create a deck of cards.  This blogger only did volumes 1-3 of SOTW, so another source will need to be found for modern times.

The figures correspond with the Mystery of History (MOH) curriculum, which weaves Biblical history with world history.  The cards come either pre-printed or digital copy, and are complete for all volumes of MOH.  The figures are in black and white, which is cheap to print, but not as visually appealing as the full color timelines.

This blogger mom is creating a very in depth history timeline, starting with the ancient civilizations.  She has a lot of Montessori-inspired 3-part cards for history and other subjects.  The content is far from complete, though, which may be a disadvantage depending on the curriculum.

Another set of MOH cards, except these only cover the period of Biblical history.  They simple line drawings, which would be helpful for younger kids.

These cards cover only Biblical history and would be good for church classes or family devotions.  They could be used alongside a Bible to be their own curriculum, allowing the cards to guide to stories and discussions.

A different sort of timeline, but an important one for introducing the concept of time passing within a child's life.  This printable covers only a few years, but it could be expanded to encompass a family's history.

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Summer Unit- Pacific Tree Frogs

Tree Frogs Summer Unit from In Our Pond
When I started this blog four years ago, I named it "Our Pond" because I thought it sounded like a sweet name for a house of toddlers.  If you go to the beginning posts of this blog, you can find a lot of frog themed classroom printables.  I never actually used them (e-mail me if you'd like them), but the frog theme has stuck in our minds.  In fact, I still dream of crocheting these lilypad rugs someday (they'd be good for morning time).

Tree Frogs Summer Unit from In Our Pond
Dragonfly (age 6) is very in love with frogs and has been eagerly searching for two summers to get frogs again (our first time with frogs is documented here).  She got her wish about two weeks ago, when the kids started finding Pacific Tree Frogs in our swimming pool.  At first, we kept our new pets in a Critter Keeper, but we were happy to move them when Dragonfly got a 10-gallon aquarium for her birthday.  The frogs have some moss substrate, a hideaway, a few sticks for climbing, and a pond.

This week, we read a book about our new pets called, Pacific Tree Frogs, which covers a lot of facts about them and goes through their life cycle.  The most valuable page for us was the one showing all the things tree frogs like to eat: mosquitoes, flies, crickets, fruit flies, and worms.

Although I didn't take this picture on the right, I had to include it.  I love the detail, the size of the eggs to the branch, and the discussions that it started when I showed it the kids.  We also looked up some frog anatomy on the internet and talked about their zoological classifications.

Of course, the neatest thing about frogs is how they go from herbivores to carnivores, from underwater breathers to air breathers, and from swimmers to hoppers.  The transition from tadpole to frog is amazing and fascinating to people of all ages.  I was surprised how much of the life cycle the kids remembered from two summers ago, but I got out of Safari frog life cycle set for review.  I put the figurines in a sensory bin and let the kids act out how the stages and just play in the water.

Tree Frogs Summer Unit from In Our Pond

The kids continue to catch frogs, and I am in constant negotiations with them about how many frogs are too many frogs.  They're hoping for tadpoles and have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out which of our frogs are male or female.

I love homeschooling for moments such as these.  Worth every penny I spend on crickets.

Tree Frogs Summer Unit from In Our Pond

- Tree Frogs (Round 1)

- Lilypad Skip Counting Printable

- Homeschool Unit (lots of ideas)

- Frog and Human Anatomy Comparison

- How to Raise Tadpoles

- Tadpole Investigation Area

- Frog Dissection Paper Model

- Frog Dissection (video with real frog)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Beyond the Museum- 110 Exciting Field Trips for Homeschoolers

Beyond the Museum- 110 Field Trip Ideas from In Our Pond

Homeschoolers can turn anything into a field trip.  Trips to the dentist- learning opportunity.  Vacation- what's around there that we can count for school?  Simple grocery store run- not anymore.

I belong to several homeschool groups on FB.   Over and over, the question of field trip ideas comes up.  This post was inspired by those questions and many of those ideas (as well as many from my head and some from Pinterest).  We all know that we could find another museum, but if you need some fresh destinations, check out this list of one-hundred-and-ten ideas.

Beyond the Museum- 110 Field Trip Ideas from In Our Pond

                    [1] behind the scenes at the Grocery Store

                    [2] Park/Playground

                    [3] identify the Rhopalocera at the Butterfly Garden

                    [4] behind the scenes at the Library

                    [5] Flower Garden/Greenhouse

                    [6] Pet Store

                    [7] identify habitats, classifications of animals, and more at the Zoo

                    [8] behind the scenes at the Newspaper Office

                    [9] Battlefield

                    [10] see what you can find at the Lake/River/Creek/Pond

Beyond the Museum- 110 Field Trip Ideas from In Our Pond

Monday, July 17, 2017

Go Back to School with Instant Ink

We recently got an Instant Ink compatible printer for our homeschooling.  I had been putting off buying ink on our old printer for several months, not wanting to put out the money to purchase new cartridges.  Then, I heard about a great deal on a new HP printer.  For the price of two cartridges for the old printer, I bought a brand new wireless printer with 10 months of free ink!  I've wanted a wireless printer for a long time, so it's even more perfect.

The printer is part of HP's Instant Ink program, a subscription service where ink is automatically sent before you need it (amazing!).  When you sign up for the program, you chose how many pages of printing you think you'll use a month- 30, 100, or 300.  Every month, your printing allowance starts over.  When the cartridge gets low, HP automatically sends you new ink.
                                                         Never run out of ink again!


- Big, Big Savings!
        check out the list on the right

- The Ink Gets Sent Before You Need It
        never run out again!

- Wireless Printing
          anywhere in the house or from your phone

- Suspend or Cancel At Any Time
         no penalties (possible bonuses for returning)


- Pay Every Month
        whether you use it or not

- Limited "free" pages
        must pay for additional pages

- must have wireless internet
         printer doesn't come with a USB

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A Book for Every State in the Union!

It's Independence Day in the USA, which is a great time to focus on all things American.  I love the Discover America State by State book series, so I thought I would link all of them for my Fourth of July blog post.  We own "A is for America" and "P is for Potatoes," but I'd love to own the NE, MD, WA, and OR ones as well since we have family living in those states.  Actually, who am I kidding?  I'd love to own them all!

Other Book Wish Lists