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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

24 Fire-Free Camping Meals

I grew up camping, and love the smell of campfires and the way food tastes when it's been cooked over one.  Due to all the forest fires in the western part of the US and Canada, we haven't been able to have campfires for most of the summer.  Not being able to sit around the fire in the mornings and evenings is a bummer, but the real challenge comes in planning meals, especially for a large group.  When I was helping my mom plan our next camping trip, I decided to make this list of no-cook or just-add-water meals.  Enjoy!

24 No-Cook Camping Meals from In Our Pond
1- roasted cauliflower salad

2- southwest couscous salad

3- dill pickle pasta salad

4- BLT salad

5- strawberry bacon salad

6- broccoli salad

7- pepperoni pizza pasta salad

8- crunchy chicken salad

24 No-Cook Camping Meals from In Our Pond

24 No-Cook Camping Meals from In Our Pond
{Just Add Water}
1- instant oatmeal mixes

2- 6 chicken-based instant meals

3- sausage beans and rice

4- cheesy mac and beef

5- instant pumpkin pie

6- coconut curry soup

7- beefy noodles

8- potatoes and gravy

What's your favorite camping food?  Comment below!

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