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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Thumbs Up- I Love It! My Kids' Favorite Road Trip Recipes

Thumbs Up- I Love It!  My Kids' Favorite Road Trip Recipes from In Our Pond

In the months before a road trip, I test out all the recipes that I want to use for the road trip and make my family give their approval.  As Tadpole (age 4) would say, "Thumbs up I like it."  And, of course, thumbs down means that they don't like it.  Everyone in the family gets a vote.  By the time that our trip comes, the kids are looking forward to the special food and not grossed out or stressed by yet another change.

We really liked these, but they were too messy for the car at the kids' current ages.

She shows you how to mix spices to make your own ranch flavoring, but I used a Hidden Valley ranch powder mix.  Easier to pack if you're making these after weeks or days on the road.

We love altoids!  This DIY recipe uses already made sugar paste for a quick craftipe (recipe that's more like a craft).

We had these on our Moana road trip.  They're a healthy, protein-packed crunchy snack that's great for all ages.

These tiny containers have peanut butter sandwich crackers, some dried fruit, and a candy necklace.

The fast way to do these PBJ bites is to smash your sandwich with a large pan, and then cut it into bites with scissors.  Tiny cut-outs are cute, but they take way too long.

These pancake bites are genius!  I make them at
least once a week.

If you need to occupy the kids while you pack, set
them up making these cereal necklaces.  Then, they
can bring their creations on the road for an easy snack.

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