Telling Time to the Hour- Schoolhouse Schedule

One of the things that is covered in kindergarten is telling time.  Since my kids will be homeschooled, they're very interested in what other kids do at school.  The schedule cards have fifteen times on them, which can be placed in order according to the times on the clocks.  I included two sets of cards, one with the digital time and one with only the clocks.  There is also a worksheet for kids to fill out that asks questions like "What time is lunch?" with the word lunch replaced by the picture from the schedule cards.  The parent or teacher could also guide the child to figure out other clock/math related concepts like elapsed time, etc.

The printable includes the schedule cards, which can be kept together or separated for additional time-telling practice, and a worksheet for kids to write in the digital times for the analogue times.  The PDF can be found here.


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