Elf-Sized Mini Books

I'm addicted at all things ELF!  I have about five printable projects and ten blog posts in the works.  Even though Christmas has passed, I can't stop working on Elf stuff!

One of my current projects is a suitcase house for our Elf, so I've been working on decorations and accessories for it.  I had a lot of fun making the mini books.  I made some shaped books that can cover cardboard to make books that don't open.  I also made some slightly over-sized cookbooks with "real" recipes for winter Elf baking.  Lastly, there are two groups of coordinated, uniform books for a bookshelf.    I've already started assembling the books, and the kids think they're so fun.  These tiny books would be perfect addition to your Elf library or reading scene.

For assembly instructions, I recommend checking out My Froggy Stuff's book making tutorial video.  In case you haven't heard the news, I love Froggy!  She's super creative, almost everything I do is inspired by her.

Elf-Sized Mini Books from In Our Pond #miniatures #christmas #elfontheshelf

If you loved this printable, check out all my others by clicking on the picture below!

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Elf-Sized Mini Books from In Our Pond #miniatures #christmas #elfontheshelf


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