Tinkerbell Slime (kid-safe)

Kid-Safe Tinkerbell Slime from In Our Pond  #diy #craft #slime #kidscrafts #disney #tinkerbell

The slime movement has been going for quite a long time, but we hadn't yet gotten on board.  Oh, man!  We're in deep now!  Since making this slime approximately ten minutes ago, Dragonfly (age 6) has already asked me to make about ten other colors/themes of slime.

The awesome thing about slime is that you don't need a recipe to make it. You can just start adding ingredients and see what happens.  It's science!  Tinkerbell slime has liquid glue, contact eye solution, baking soda, food coloring, and glitter.

Kid-Safe Tinkerbell Slime from In Our Pond  #diy #craft #slime #kidscrafts #disney #tinkerbell

We started by dumping 2 bottles of school glue into a shallow bin and added food coloring (blue and yellow for green).  I had Dragonfly mix the glue with a spoon, while I sprinkled a bit of baking soda over the top.  Next, we added the glitter (green and silver for Tinkerbell).  Lastly, I squirted some contact solution into the glue, while Dragonfly continued stirring it.

Kid-Safe Tinkerbell Slime from In Our Pond  #diy #craft #slime #kidscrafts #disney #tinkerbell

As you add the contact solution, the glue will begin to stick to itself and pull away from the mixing bowl/bin.  The awesome part about making your own slime is that you can decide what consistency you want.  The lesser amount of contact solution will make a sticker and less dense slime.  Indeed, a slimier slime.

Kid-Safe Tinkerbell Slime from In Our Pond  #diy #craft #slime #kidscrafts #disney #tinkerbell

We added enough contact solution that the slime no longer stuck to anything but itself.  It's perfect for younger kids.  My children (ages 6, 5, and 4) enjoyed squishing it, hearing it pop, putting it on different places on their bodies (not in the hair!!!!), stretching, and popping.  They also chopped it with scissors, pretending to cut fabric and pizzas.  I loved that it wasn't sticky and could be played with any plastic toys or kitchen utensils they wanted.

While I was making this post, my 6 year old made a second batch of slime by herself.  I highly recommend parental supervision for the process, but I love that it's so easy for kids to make themselves.  Add beads, toys, glitter, scents, or whatever else you desire.

Happy Slime-ing!


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