Recycling Altoid Tins for Organization

I'm obsessed with Altoid Tins!  They're such a useful, tiny container, and completely free after you eat all the candies inside.  We usually have piles of them around the house because my husband loves to eat them, so they're always available for my next crafting or organization project.  I don't blog about every instance that I use them, but here are several options.

I usually laminate my tin labels and then hot glue them to the tops of the tins.  You can also cover it in adhesive backed felt (I like to do the inside sometimes too) or modge podge the paper onto the tin.  Do you have a better method?  Comment below!

Also, these posts are from my two blogs, so there's a bit of repetition in the lists.

These travel games came from my road trip blog- Party Through the USA

These posts come from my homeschooling blog- Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids

Your turn!  Add your Altoid Tin Craft, Hack, or Organization Idea!

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Recycling Altoid Tins for Organization // Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids // Altoids are a curiously strong mint, and their tins are great for organization and crafting.  See lots of ideas and grab printable games for travel and learning.


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