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Sunday, February 24, 2019

A Celebration of Oreo Cookies

A Celebration of Oreo Cookies // Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids

Next Sunday March 3rd is National Oreo Cookie Day!  Did you know that the Oreo was first manufactured in 1912 by the NAtional BIScuit COmpany (Nabisco) and is now the most popular cookie in the world!  To celebrate the simple chocolate cookies' 117th birthday, I teamed up with the Kid Blogger Network to bring you lots of Oreo fun.

Scroll to the bottom to see several ideas for homeschooling with Oreos!

A Celebration of Oreo Cookies // Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids // recipes // learning with oreos

A Celebration of Oreo Cookies // Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids // recipes and learning with America's Favorite Cookie

A Celebration of Oreo Cookies // Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids // cute kid-friendly recipes and learning ideas with oreos

A Celebration of Oreo Cookies // Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids // oreo recipes and learning ideas

A Celebration of Oreo Cookies // Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids // learning with Oreos // homeschool ideas // study units // cookies in the classroom

Did you know that Oreo has been manufactured in nearly 100 flavors including Peeps, mocha, cinnamon bun, peanut butter, apple pie, coconut, lemon, strawberry milkshake, mint, candy corn, gingerbread, cupcake, root beer float, Swedish Fish, blueberry pie, firework, and jelly donut.  Which ones have you tried?  Which ones are your favorite?  Are there any you'd like Nabisco to bring back or ones they should make?  Comment below!

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A Celebration of Oreo Cookies // Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids // March 6th is National Oreo Cookie Day!  Celebrate the iconic sandwich cookie with over 20 recipes and ideas for learning.  Perfect for homeschoolers and fun classrooms.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

100 Indoor Heavy Work Activities to Burn Energy

When I rebranded this blog from "In Our Pond" to "Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids" this year, I wanted to add more content for high-energy kids.  Some moms and I were talking this morning about dealing with stir-crazy kids in these winter months.  After I brainstormed a bunch of ideas for the FB group, I decided the list would make a great blog post!  I try not to do things the easy way in my blog, so I made a list of 100 activities.

1- breath holding contest to practice for summer swimming
2- cartwheels
3- make a balance board with a board and a can
4- stretch with exercise bands
5- wheelbarrow races down the hallway
6- put on a circus or play
7- paint a picture with your feet
8- handstand contest
9- pretend to be an animal
10- make a ring toss game with paper plates

11- 52 card pick-up
12- push an ice cube with your nose across the kitchen floor
13- play concentration (instructions)
14- wresting
15- speed cleaning contest
16- relay races
17- skipping
18- kitchen floor ice skating on wax paper
19- tickle fights
20- squats

21- bubble wrap stomping
22- throw a ping ball ball and catch in a cup
23- jump rope (teach your kids some playground rhymes)
24- couch cushion trampoline
25- play The Floor is Hot Lava
26- sumo wrestle wearing pillows
27- jumping jacks contest (or use them to practice spelling words, multiplication, etc)
28- make a blanket fort
29- pan for gold in the bathtub
30- turn off all the lights and get out the glow sticks

31- freeze blocks of ice with toys and melt them in the tub
32- hammer golf tees or pencils into a cardboard box
33- work out with canned goods in your hands
34- play Red Light Green Light
35- learn how to hula hoop
36- dance party
37- play tug of war
38- learn to square dance or waltz
39- make a giant game board on the floor
40- stream an aerobic workout on Youtube

41- play Mother May I?
42- pretend to be a donkey carrying a load on your back as you crawl around
43- carry full laundry baskets
44- blow a ping pong ball with a straw
45- glow in the dark dance party
46- play musical chairs
47- be a flamingo and see who can stand on one leg the longest
48- stream a dance workout on Youtube
49- play limbo
50- sock "snowball" fight

51- play freeze tag (and name cereals, state capitols, candies, colors, or whatever to get free)
52- picture charades
53- race while hopping on one foot
54- literally climb the walls (between door posts)
55- paper airplane contest
56- jump in and out of a hula hoop
57- chariot races (pull another person on a blanket)
58- go on a color or shape hunt
59- practice back bends
60- play baths

61- add active rules to a board game (like you have to do a push up on every turn)
62- do potato sack races with pillow cases
63- play volleyball with a balloon
64- giant sensory bin in the bathtub
65- practice 3-legged races
66- see how high you can jump
67- take out some toys they haven't seen in a while
68- play London Bridge
69- wall push-ups
70- make a human tangle and time how long it takes you to get untangled

71- throw a ball at a wall
72- play tin can golf
73- run circles around the couch or kitchen island
74- play bean bag toss tic tac toe
75- turn around and around until you get dizzy and fall down
76- bounce on an exercise ball
77- giant race track for toy cars with paint tape
78- make a ball pit in a pool
79- watch a musical and dance along
80- scrub the kitchen floor by hand (Hard Knock Life style)

81- walk like a penguin with an ball (egg) between your feet
82- play a full-body video game
83- make a bowling lane with some recycled bottles
84- stack plastic cups and knock them over with a ball
85- jump off the couch
86- play Twister
87- build an obstacle course
88- ball or bean bag toss
89- bat a balloon and keep it from touching the ground
90- play secret agent lasers with yarn

91- pillow fight
92- carry milk jugs full of water (or fill with rocks instead)
93- make a crash pad with a duvet cover and every soft thing in the house
94- play Simon Says
95- somersault contest
96- string yarn through the house and have the child spool it back up
97- follow the line (tape on the floor)
98- "Easter" egg hunt with whatever you have around to hide
99- play hopscotch with painter's tape
100- build an indoor gym

If you're looking for something a little quieter, check out my Altoid Tin Games and Toys, which are great for hotels, airplanes, emergency kits, and more.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Sensory Bin with Safari Ltd Dolphin Toobs

This is a sponsored post from Safari Ltd.  Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids received free toys in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own.

Anyone starting to think about summer?  We're buried in snow, but tax return season means that we spend time planning summer vacations.  We have a trip to the beach scheduled for May, which the entire family is counting down to excitedly.  With the ocean on my mind, this Caribbean-colored dolphin sensory bin is the perfect way to wait out the winter storms.

To make the sensory bin, I used an entire container of table salt.  In a small cup, I put a small amount of warm water and some gel food coloring.  The water is needed to incorporate the dye into the salt.  Put the salt in a zip top back and dump the colored water into the bag as well.  Close the bag, then shake and manipulate the salt to mix them together.  Allow the salt to dry on a cookie sheet.  The kids can play with the sensory sand on the cookie sheet or you can put them in a bin for play time.

Dragonfly couldn't wait to get her hands on the adorable animals.  She dreams of being a marine biologist, and loves to learn all she can about ocean animals.  When we opened the Safari Ltd Dolphin Toob, Dragonfly immediately started telling me the names of the mammals and where they live in the world.  I hadn't realized she knew so much about them!  She claims it's from watching the Octonauts TV show and Johnathan Bird's Blue World.  She wants to study dolphins and swim with them in the future, and this toob gives her a great chance to pretend to do just that.

One of Safari Ltd's missions is that they made toys that teach.  This toob of dolphins is great for learning about marine mammals (especially paired with their Dolphins and Whales toob).  Pair these toys with a great book on dolphins or even a 4D model with all it's parts.  Place them on a world map to show which oceans they live in or watch a dolphin show on Youtube.  The colored salt is also good for a Montessori-inspired salt tray to practice handwriting.

For Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids readers, Safari Ltd has given us an exclusive promo code!  If you put "MissyP" in the discount codes box during checkout, you can receive 15% off your entire order!  I'm very excited about this special offer, so click on the link above or below to shop at Safari Ltd's website.

> > > Shop Safari Ltd Now < < <

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Buy Your Marine Mammals Toobs Here

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Oreo Grid Game

title image for oreo grid game

We're getting ready for National Oreo Day on March 6th with some great activities, foods, and crafts coming soon to the blog!  I also wanted to add an Oreo grid game to my collection of Battleship-inspired printable games.  The kids loved this one because it uses real mini Oreos that you can eat when you're done playing!

You can print 4 copies of the game board and play the grid like a battleship game, where players take turns guessing where the other person has hidden their Oreos.  When a cookie is found, the person player who found it gets to eat it (motivation- wink).  The game continues until all the cookies are found.  I recommend 5-10 per round.

For my younger kids who are still learning how coordinates works, like mine, can play the game in a Bingo-type of way.  I had my kids sit in a line in front of me with their game boards.  Then, I would hand them a cookie and give them a coordinate.  We only moved on when everyone had their cookie in the right place.  It wasn't a competition, but 2/3 understood how to find the right box after eight rounds or so.  Of course, their favorite part of game was getting to eat them at the end.

girl playing Oreo grid game

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sample game board for Oreo grid game with cookies on board

Grab Some Yummy Oreos for Game Day

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Pretend Pizza Play for National Pizza Day!

Next Saturday, February 9 is National Pizza Day!  Instead of focusing on the best homemade pizza recipes or all the places you can find deals next week (you should check locally though), I decided to put together a fun round-up of pretend pizza play ideas.  Similar to the Pi Day Pie blog post I did last year, this one has a bit of DIY crafts, sensory ideas, ways to learn, and more.

Pretend Pizza Play for National Pizza Day // Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids // 16 ways to play pretend and learn with pizza.  Celebrate National Pizza Day (Feb 9) with play!  So many ideas from DIY felt play food to pizza sauce slime to paper toppings kids can make themselves.  Learn fractions, money, patterning, and more with pizza!

Enhance Your Pizza Play with a Good Book!

Pretend Pizza Play Ideas // Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids // 16 ways to play pretend and learn with pizza.  Celebrate National Pizza Day (Feb 9) with play!  So many ideas from DIY felt play food to pizza sauce slime to paper toppings kids can make themselves.  Learn fractions, money, patterning, and more with pizza!

Don't Want to DIY?  Buy One of These Sets!

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Pretend Pizza Play Ideas // Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids