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Pretend Play Learning Ideas


Pond Learning Ideas

This is the place to find all the North American water animals that reside in ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams.  From freshwater fish to frogs- you'll find it all here!  Click on any of the pictures to go to the posts.

An InLinkz Link-up

Pond Water Table  ⛊  Red Eared Slider Turtle  ⛊  Happy Salmon Game
Mallard Duck with Sound  ⛊  Female Mallard Duck
Safari Ltd River Toob (and free printable matching cards)
Life in the Pond book  ⛊  Over and Under the Pond book
Frog Life Cycle Set (and free printable matching cards)
Pond Circle book  ⛊  Freshwater Trout Plush  ⛊  Large Mouth Bass
Incredible Creatures Salmon  ⛊  Duck-a-Roo Game
Catch 'N' Fish Game  ⛊  Plush Duckling  ⛊  River Otter
Incredible Creatures Bullfrog

Food Learning Ideas

Make learning more interesting by including food!  From fractions with pizza or watermelon to exploring the seeds we eat- you'll find lots of ideas and printables here!  Be sure to check out the sections for apples, cookies, and donuts, and all the rest.  I'll add more sections soon!  Click on the pictures to go to the posts.

An InLinkz Link-up

Play Kitchen  ♦  Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook
Kid Safe Knife Set  ♦  Quick Sticks Tongs  ♦  Silverware
Wavy Chopper  ♦  Mini Brush and Pan  ♦  Stacking Trays
Glass Jug with Lid  ♦  Learning Tower  ♦  Kids' Table and Chairs
Placemat  ♦  Glass Tumblers  ♦  Veggie Magnets
Wood Rolling Pin  ♦  101 Cookie Cutters

Monster Learning Ideas


A Celebration of Oreo Cookies

Next Sunday March 3rd is National Oreo Cookie Day!  Did you know that the Oreo was first manufactured in 1912 by the NAtional BIScuit COmpany (Nabisco) and is now the most popular cookie in the world!  To celebrate the simple chocolate cookies' 117th birthday, I teamed up with the Kid Blogger Network to bring you lots of Oreo fun.

Scroll to the bottom to see several ideas for homeschooling with Oreos!

Easy Oreo Dessert // Pint Sized Treasures
Canadian Oreo Pops // Living Life as Mom
Carrot Patch Brownies // Crayons and Cravings
Ladybug Treats // For Modern Kids
Spring Chicks // Gluesticks Blog
Oreo Spiders // The Gingerbread House
Oreo Buttercream Frosting // Crystal and Comp
Oreo Smores // Life with Moore Babies
Cookies and Cream Popcorn // Chef in Training

Emoji Cookies // Crayons and Cravings
Oreo Rice Crispy Treats // Crystal and Comp
Bumble Bee Cookies // For Modern Moms
Oreo Poke Cake // Sugar and Soul
Chocolate Chip Surprise Cookies // Organized 31
Oreo Pudding Pops // Kids Activity Blog

Penguin Learning Ideas

An InLinkz Link-up

Penguins Pool Party- single player puzzle game with 60 challenges

Penguins on Ice Math Frame- practice math facts and make a 100-chart or number line to 100

Playmobile Penguin Enclosure- littlest listeners will appreciate this adorable playset

Safari Ltd Penguin Toob- play with them in sensory bins and small worlds or match them to 3-part cards

Penguins on Ice- single player puzzle with 5 pentomino pieces and 60 challenges

Nesting Penguins- Russian nesting doll style penguins which are good for learning spacial skills

Safari Ltd Empire Penguin- name the body parts or play with him in a sensory bin

Wood Stacking Game- stack blocks in a certain way to support a penguin at the top

Lego Penguin Sets- fans of Lego will appreciate adding these penguins to their collection

Penguin Balance Scale- practice number recognition and basic math with this fun scale

Penguin Life Cycle Set- review how penguins grow and move through their life

Space Learning Ideas

The universe is a gargantuan subject to study.  From stars to systems to life cycles, there's so much to explore.  I'm hoping to add to this section in the near future.  Every post I have is listed below- click on the pictures to visit the posts.

An InLinkz Link-up

Apollo 11 (2019)  ♢  Hidden Figures DVD  ♢  Astronaut Ice Cream
Safari Ltd Space Toob (and free printable matching cards)
Solar System  ♢  Pullback Space Shuttle
Lego Women of NASA  ♢  Moon in my Room
Solar System Scratch and Sketch  ♢  Outer Space Card Game
Space Explorer Play Set  ♢  Barbie Astronaut Doll
Katherine Johnson Barbie  ♢  Astronaut Helmet
Planetarium Projector  ♢  Space Shuttle Play Set
KidKraft Rocket Ship  ♢  Play Tent

100 Indoor Heavy Work Activities to Burn Energy

When I rebranded this blog from "In Our Pond" to "Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids" this year, I wanted to add more content for high-energy kids.  Some moms and I were talking this morning about dealing with stir-crazy kids in these winter months.  After I brainstormed a bunch of ideas for the FB group, I decided the list would make a great blog post!  I try not to do things the easy way in my blog, so I made a list of 100 activities.

1- breath holding contest to practice for summer swimming
2- cartwheels
3- make a balance board with a board and a can
4- stretch with exercise bands
5- wheelbarrow races down the hallway
6- put on a circus or play
7- paint a picture with your feet
8- handstand contest
9- pretend to be an animal
10- make a ring toss game with paper plates

11- 52 card pick-up
12- push an ice cube with your nose across the kitchen floor
13- play concentration (instructions)
14- wresting
15- speed cleaning contest
16- relay races
17- skipping
18- kitchen f…

Ocean Learning Ideas


Sensory Bin with Safari Ltd Dolphin Toobs

This is a sponsored post from Safari Ltd.  Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids received free toys in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own.

Anyone starting to think about summer?  We're buried in snow, but tax return season means that we spend time planning summer vacations.  We have a trip to the beach scheduled for May, which the entire family is counting down to excitedly.  With the ocean on my mind, this Caribbean-colored dolphin sensory bin is the perfect way to wait out the winter storms.

To make the sensory bin, I used an entire container of table salt.  In a small cup, I put a small amount of warm water and some gel food coloring.  The water is needed to incorporate the dye into the salt.  Put the salt in a zip top back and dump the colored water into the bag as well.  Close the bag, then shake and manipulate the salt to mix them together.  Allow the salt to dry on a cookie sheet.  The kids can play with the sensory sand on the cookie sheet or you can put them in a bi…

Pacific Northwest Learning Ideas

Setting up this landing page for my regional blog posts sent me on an interesting quest to figure out which region Idaho landed in.  It turns out that there isn't a consensus on this, so I just went with the general "west."  In this section, you'll find learning ideas related to the Pacific Northwest (Washington and Oregon), the Rocky Mountain region (mainly Idaho), and the general West (maybe).  Click on the pictures to go to the posts.

For Pacific Northwest travel ideas, visit my family road trips blog- Party Through the USA

An InLinkz Link-up

Kids who live in the Pacific Northwest often want to play with toys related to their surroundings.  Plastic animal collections like the ones from Safari Ltd and Schleich are great for learning about creatures in this habitat.  If the family enjoys being outdoors, the child would probably like a camping playset like this one from Learning Resources.  Homeschoolers will appreciate toys that add to their studies like Safari Toob…

Human Body Learning Ideas

Kids love to learn about their insides and their outsides.  From a very early age, they're fascinated by their toes and heartbeats and how babies grow inside their mothers.  I'm hoping to add more to this section in the next few years, but everything that I have can be found below.  Click the pictures to visit the posts.

An InLinkz Link-up

Magnetic Human Body Puzzle  ♥  Squishy Human Body
Skeleton Model  ♥  DNA Model  ♥  Eye Model
Safari Ltd Human Organs  ♥  Pregnancy Model
Operation Game  ♥  Scabs and Guts Game
Large 2-Sided Magnetic Poster  ♥  Pumping Heart Model
Red Water Beads  ♥  Real Doctor Tools

Frog Learning Ideas

I've written a lot about frogs, probably more than any other topic.  They inspired the original name of this blog (in our pond) and have continued to be a big part of our homeschool.  My kids have inherited my love of amphibians and enjoy frog hunting.  Click on the picture to go to the posts.

An InLinkz Link-up

Safari Ltd Life Cycle Set  ⧫  Frog Anatomy Model  ⧫  Frog Stages Paperweight
Incredible Creatures Bullfrog  ⧫  Life Cycle of a Frog book
Croaking Frog Instrument  ⧫  Wide Mouth Frog book
Frog Figurines Tube  ⧫   Critter Cage  ⧫  Tadpole Kit
Critter Habitat  ⧫   Frog Life Cycle Magnets  ⧫  Tadpole to Frog book
Dissection Simulation  ⧫   Red Eye Tree Frog