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Donut Moveable Alphabet and Matching Game

Tomorrow, June 1, is National Donut Day!  Our tradition is to go to our favorite donut shop for a treat.  Do you celebrate?  Comment at the end of the post and tell me about it.  Yesterday, I posted a donut math activity to add to my collection of donut themed learning fun.  Today, I'm sharing a Montessori-inspired moveable alphabet.

The letters can be used to spell words that the child isn't able to write yet.  If the letters will be used primarily for spelling, I recommend printing more than one set.  In the official Montessori moveable alphabet, the vowels are blue and the consonants are red.  In my set, I reversed the colors and made the vowels pink.  I also made the uppercase letters with a brown background and the lowercase letters have a white frosting background, which is designed to make it easier for kids to recognize the differences between upper and lowercase.

The PDF also includes two alphabet learning activities, vocabulary cards, and a letter matching page.  Th…

Donut Time Math Games in a Tin

Around the first of the year (2019), I went crazy making these themed math activities, cranking out five of them in a short amount of time.  I had one for Valentine's Day (cookies), one for Star Wars Day (characters), and one for next Christmas (more cookies).  The funny thing is that even after making all those sets of themed math activities, I continued to add more including monster trucks and springtime insects, with more in progress.  I'm having enjoying making numbers and math interesting and fun for kids!

In two days, the country celebrates National Donut Day (June 1).  Last year, I did an entire week of donut-themed activities (scroll to the bottom of the post to see them all).  This year, I'm only doing a few day, but they'll be good ones.  Today, I have lots of math activities for June 1st or anytime!

The PDF includes number cards and donut counters for practicing counting and learning number sense.  I recommend lining up the numbers in chronological order (t…

Who Am I? African Safari Matching Game and 3-part Cards

Before I started this blog, my husband and I lived in Botswana for over a year.  During that time, nothing was more thrilling then getting to go into the wilderness on a Safari.  We were cheap, young, and crazy, so we went alone into the pan to see what we could see.  We have great memories of that time, and would love to introduce those animals to our kids someday.

Before we dive into the printables that I made, I wanted to share some of my favorite books and toys for learning about an African safari.  The plastic animals are great for sensory bins, outside play, bath time, and anytime.  My kids drag their animal toys everywhere!

Safari, So Good book  ⟰  African Critter book
We All Went on Safari book  ⟰  Africa is not a Country book

The Kids Who Travel the World: African Safari book
The Animal Book: A Visual Encyclopedia book
Schleich Elephant  ⟰  Lion Family Toys  ⟰  Schleich Giraffe
Schleich Ostrich  ⟰  Safari Ltd. Rhinoceros   ⟰  Hippo Water Bottle

Earlier this month, I participated i…

Montessori-Inspired Zoo Babies 3-Part Cards

I love baby zoo animals!  Getting to see an exotic animal up close is amazing!  I spent a lot of my childhood at zoos, and am always happy to share that experience with my kids (surprisingly, we haven't gone to one in five years).  I was shocked to see that I had never made Montessori-inspired 3-part cards to match the Safari Ltd Zoo Babies toob!

I think what happened is that I made the Zoo animal matching cards (recently updated) is that I thought the two toobs were similar enough to not warrant two printables.  When I looked at them both recently, I realized that they are a bit different and did need their own set of cards.  Although the Safari Ltd Wild Animals toob and Safari Ltd Zoo Babies have enough in common that you can match the moms and babies for an added bonus.

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To make the PDF into a set of Montessori-inspired 3-part cards, print two copies of the cards and laminate both sets.  Then, cut out all the car…

Kitty Math Counters for Addition and Subtraction

Dragonfly loves all animals, but goes crazy for kitties.  She pounces on our cat whenever she sees her, and meows at every mention or picture of kittens that crosses her path.  When she was having a bit of trouble with her math workbook a few months ago, she asked me to make these specially designed kitty counters just for her.

Like all my printable math counters, these kitties can be mounted on 1 inch wood disks.  I printed them and then laminated the front side with packing tape.  Then, I stuck them onto the wood with a glue stick.  The 20-frame can be laminated for durability.

There are three different cat pictures, which can be used to represent quantities of numbers when adding three groups.  Kids can also use the 20-frame to represent numbers or work on subtraction problems, too.

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Other Themed Math Counters
Lots of Fun Themes (savannah, desert, woodland, octopus, rainforest)

More Fun Themes (spiders, apples, turkeys,…

Monster Truck Number Cards

Woah!  It's been a whole week of monster truck fun!  We started with some math in a tin, then moved on to letter tracing cards.  Yesterday, we had a dirt writing tray, which would also make a good sensory bin for monster truck play.  Today, I'm bringing it back to math with some printable number cards.

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My boys aren't ready for this pack of fifty number cards, but they're getting close.  The PDF includes a background page for the cards to help make them less transparent, but I also recommend printing them on cardstock paper.  Laminate them for added durability.  The cards should fit in an Altoid tin; although the laminated set might be a bit tall to all go in one tin.  They can also be stored in a snack size ziptop bag.

Number Sense One of the first places to start when learning numbers is with the name of the number and it's quantity in counters or some other form.  The number cards can be used to teach c…

Monster Truck Writing Tray and Matching Game

Do your kids love monster trucks?  Can they never have enough dirt?  Then, this is the activity for you!  All week long, I've been posting monster truck themed learning ideas, starting with math in an Altoid tin, letter tracing cards, and now letter identification practice with a matching game.  Scroll to the end of the post to see all my monster truck ideas.

This might be one of the most boring matching games I've ever made (I think the upcoming camping one will be the cutest).  I couldn't figure out an interesting way to make the letters, so I just made them brown.  I have also included a monster truck themed background so you can print the cards two sided and make them a bit less see-through.  I recommend printing on cardstock and them laminating.

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Kids can match the uppercase with the lowercase letters or match all uppercase with their exact clone (print 2 copies) for learning the identification of each let…