Printables Q&A and Support

If you have questions about my printables or any trouble with downloading them, please look over this page first and see if I have already posted the answer.  If you're still having troubles, feel free to message me for more help.

How to I Download Your Printables?
When you click the link in the blog post that says, "Download the Printable," you'll be taken to a new page that is password protected.  If you are a newsletter subscriber, you will have the password in your Welcome email and any other newsletters from me.  Just plug the password into the form on the download page and click the button that says, "Download the Printable."  Open the PDF on your computer and print.

To download more than one printable, you'll need to go back to the main blog ( and find the next printable you want to download.  Then, repeat the process with that printable.

What's the Password?
You'll find the password in your Welcome e-mail, which will appear in your mailbox after you subscribe to my newsletter and confirm that subscription.  You'll also be able to find the password in any other newsletter that I send out.  Please keep the password a secret.

I Signed Up for the Newsletter, but I Didn't Get the Password!

What are You Doing with My Email/

If you're still having trouble, email me.


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