Thursday, May 4, 2017

Star Wars Day 2017

I always seem to fail at actually coming up with something cool for Star Wars day.  Today, we watched some stop-motion Lego videos on Youtube and read "Vader and Son."

I've been geeking out for Star Wars day for months, and have collected lots of neat free printables.

For the second part of my Star Wars day post, here is a list of our favorite Star Wars things (that we actually own).

This Stormtrooper alarm clock is Skimmer's absolute favorite toy.  They weren't built for as much love as he gives them, but he loves it so much that it's worth it to us to keep replacing them.  He carries it everywhere, drags it outside, throw it in the bathtub, uses it's headless neck to dig in the dirt, snuggles it when he sleeps, and is never without it.  If any toy was worthy of becoming real, it would be this robot guy.

We're planning on buying him the Darth Vader soon since he's currently obsessed with the bad guy.

Bullfrog bought this R2D2 cellphone case for himself when he got his first smart phone.  It makes me smile every time I see it.

Bullfrog owns this awesome light saber.  The kids can't wait until they're old enough to get one of their own.

The kids have been placated with light saber toothbrushes.  Every night, they run into the bathroom to battle the dark side in their mouths.  Hey, whatever gets the teeth brushed.

We have a Star Wars bathroom (which I need to blog about soon) and this silly stormtrooper shower curtain is the centerpiece.  It makes me so happy to see it.

The kids love this book!  The Star Wars ABC's are very simple and basic.  It's just a big, colorful picture, a letter, and the word.  For example "R," "R2D2," and a picture of the robot.  Because it's so simple, the kids can "read" it themselves.  Even Tadpole (3.5) can say the letters and the character names for most of the pages.

Our newest Star Wars product is our kite.  The very first time we took it out, the kids got it flying.  They were so excited.  We're planning on taking it to the beach this month!

Star Wars Road Trip

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