Learn and Play with the Famous Mouse

Over the past week, I've published several learning activities featuring the world's favorite mouse.  For the last day, I wanted to do a big round-up with lots of Mickey ideas and printables to make your Mickey-themed learning unit even more fun.  This post is filled with lots of Mickey magic, so I hope you enjoy!

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Shaped Pretzels // Liz On Call
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Light Tray Counting // Epic Childhood
M & M Pretzel Bites // Two Sisters Crafting
DIY Learning Clock // Counting Coconuts
Eye Spy Bag // Liz on Call
Color Matching Game // Party Through the USA
Mickey Slime // Ruffles and Rainboots

Use this confetti to make a Mickey-themed squishy bag like the one in the picture.  I used cheap hair gel from the Dollar Tree and a name-brand zip top bag (pro tip- rubbing alcohol takes off the label).  I added the blue duct tape around the edges of the bag to help reinforce them.  Lots of gel, like the one I made, is good for just squishing…

Mickey Count and Trace Number Cards

Kids who are just learning how to write will enjoy writing on these Mickey-themed number cards.  Each card features Mickey clip art in the number of items as the digit.  The fun Mickey Mouse clip art is from Cherry M. Design on Etsy and the heads (balloons and ice cream bars) were made by me.  There a great addition to a Mickey learning unit or to convince a reluctant child to practice writing their numbers.

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Print the three pages of the PDF and laminate them to write on them over and over!  Write on the with whiteboard markers, then erase and do it again.  Bind them into a flipbook that's perfect for waiting in line at Disney parks, playing on an airplane, or waiting at a restaurant.  Stick them in your purse or backpack to always have an easy and fun learning activity every time you need to entertain your kids for a few minutes.

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Mouse Letter Cards and Sensory Writing Tray

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!  Mickey Mouse!  Mickey Mouse!  If you haven't guessed it, this week is all about America's favorite mouse!  I've got lots of fun and educational ideas for you and your Disney loving kid.  Whether you're heading to Disney World to visit Galaxy Edge or staying home and watching Disney Channel, you'll find lots of portable and printable resources here.

My kids really enjoyed using the Mickey head shaped trays for the sensory writing activity.  I used red sequins as the substrate, which were very beautiful but didn't give a very clear image.  Salt or sand works the best for making a clean letter, so that's what I recommend especially for new writers.  A sand art kit would give you lots of color choices for many themes (or they can be mixed for more fun), since you only need a teaspoon or so for the tray.  Kids can then shake the tray to erase their markings and start over.  Challenge kids to write all the letters of their own name, all M…

Mickey Ice Cream Bar and Cookie

For day two of Mickey week, I thought I'd do some Mickey play food!  I ended up with two felt food pattern ideas, although their shapes are very similar.  It's not an easy shape to sew, but the results are fun, and I'm sure your kids won't care too much how it looks.  I know my kids love these projects.  Scroll down for supply lists and directions!

Mickey Ice Cream Bar

- black felt
- DMC floss
- large popsicle stick
- stuffing or extra felt

Cut out the Mickey heads from the pattern (I used the medium ones for my ice cream) and cut out two heads from black felt.  I like to use packaging tape to hold down the paper pattern while I cut it out.  If you're using fabric (like extra felt) or quilt batting for stuffing, cut out extra heads out of that material, too.

Decide which thickness you want to make your ice cream bar and cut two 12" x N pieces of black felt.  Also measure around the width of your popsicle stick and the length of your Mickey head (about 2-3…

Mickey Math in a Tin

We love Altoid tins around here!  Every time we have a new project or need to organize something, I first ask if it will fit in a tin.  As readers of this blog know, I have a lot of math activities in Altoid tins, so I thought I'd add one more!  This week, we're celebrating America's Favorite Mouse with a bunch of educational printables and ideas featuring him.

This printable math activity features Mickey head math counters in three colors.  The number cards can be used to build a number line or to name a quantity of Mickeys on the 10-frame.  Use the cards to "write" out addition and subtraction problems, too.  My kids like to use their homemade math counters for their math workbook.

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One of the reasons I started making homemade math counters was because my daughter (7) was having tr…

Smore Felt Food Pattern

I really enjoy making felt foods.  My kids don't really enjoy playing with them, though.  They'd rather look for frogs or dig in the dirt than make and eat fake food.  I'm not going to stop creating it, though, which is why I put together this fun Smore set for the end of camping week.  Like the watermelon, these marshmallows have been something I've been wanting to make for several years.

The Smore is very simple to make; although, the roasted marshmallow is a bit trickier.  Hopefully, I've explained it well below.  I hand-sewed my felt food, but you could machine sew parts of it.  I also made the unroasted marshmallows white and the roasted ones in cream.  You could do whichever color you want.  Fabric markers can be used to color burnt marks on the marshmallows, or you can cheat like I did and use tan felt.  Happy Crafting!


- 12" dowel rod
- 3 shades of brown felt
- white felt
- DMC embroidery floss
- poly fil stuffing
- sewing needle

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Camping-themed Letter Tracing Cards

I don't know if it's possible to have too many letter tracing worksheets and activities when kids are learning how to write.  Whenever you can make it interesting and fun for them, it makes practicing their letters even better.  I now have alphabet cards for monster trucks, bugs, and ocean themes.  Today, I have a camping one for you!

Just like the other writing cards I have, these can be printed and laminated to use over and over.  I like to bind mine into a little booklet as well.  The kids love to write on them with whiteboard markers.  The blank backside of the cards provides a little whiteboard for practicing the letter without a template.

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These cards are very useful at home or in a classroom, but they're even better on the go.  Take them camping, work on them in the car, or stash them in your "quiet bag" for restaurants or church.  Be sure to grab my other camping educational printables, too!

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