Watermelon Life Cycle 3-Part Cards

I was very surprised in my watermelon homeschooling research that I never ran across a watermelon life cycle printable.  There's plenty of stuff for apples, pumpkins, and beans, but I couldn't even find clip art the illustrated the process.  When I decided to use real life pictures, Montessori-style, I had a lot of trouble even finding images for each step.  These cards are a labor of love to my readers and my family, and I was very excited when I finished them.

Like most of my Montessori-inspired printables, these cards are meant to be used in a 3-part matching activity.  Download the PDF and print off two copies of the watermelon images.  To make them into a 3-part cards, cut out the cards, separating the pictures from the label on one set, while keeping the other ones whole.  The child can then match the pictures to the pictures and the labels to the label.

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Watermelon Count and Write Number Cards

This summer, we're going Wild about Watermelon with at least 2 weeks of sweet, sticky fun!  I started out with the idea of doing a few themed learning activities as I've been doing lately with insects, monster trucks, whales, and other ones upcoming.  A small project has spiraled into a huge, but enjoyable, project.

Today is the first watermelon post, and I thought I'd start with a math printable.  The boys have been enjoying their handwriting flipbooks, so I made them some Lego number tracing books as well (coming soon).  Since I was already doing a big watermelon theme, I put together some fruit-themed ones too.

- printer
- cardstock
- laminator
- laminating sheets
- scissors
- binding machine
- binding combs
- white board marker (or these nifty crayons)

These "count and trace" cards are adorable in their pink and green motif.  There are eleven numbers, 0-10, with items for each quantity.  The kids can count the watermelon pictures and trace the number.  If yo…

Resources for Learning About Whales

Ever since our vacation to the Oregon Coast last month, we've been talking about whales.  This week, I've also been blogging about them.  In my research for our trip, I ran into this awesome website called Thirteen Whales You Can See in the Pacific Northwest.  As the name states, it lists the 13 species and talks about how common they are to the area and where you're most likely to see them.  If you're heading to that part of the country in the future, check out the list.

For today's post, I thought I'd put together a quick roundup of some ways that you can study about whales with your kids.  This could be part of an ocean unit or perhaps a lesson on marine mammals.  To begin, here are some books and toys with a whale theme.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Gray Whale  <>  Whales: an Illustrated Celebration
Dolphins and Whales Toob  <>  Kevin the Underwater Adventurer
Anatomy of an Orca Toy  <>  3D Whale Puzzles  <>  Safari Ltd Whale Toob
Killer Whale…

Whale 3-Part Cards for Safari Ltd Toob

A few weeks ago, my family went on a vacation to the Oregon Coast, where we were hoping to see some marine mammals.  We ended up not seeing any whales, but saw a few sea lions.  The adventure to the ocean has gotten the entire family intersted in whales.  I'm going to be doing a few posts this week with ideas for learning about whales and using whales for learning about other topics.

As readers of this blog have probably figured out by now, we love the Safari Ltd toobs of little animals sorted by type, continent, or habitat.  They're great for sensory bins, messy play, outdoors, bath time, and anything you can dream up.  They even fit in an Easter egg!  The little toys are even good for learning and homeschooling.  I have Montessori-inspired 3-part cards for nearly every toob that Safari Ltd makes (not a sponsor).  You can find all my printable matching cards by clicking the colored text.  I have also listed all the Safari ocean-themed toobs below for your convenience with th…

Homeschooling at the Beach

I had an opportunity to guest blog at the Lifeschoooling Conference website this week.  The conference seeks to support homeschool parents and their families in their journey to become educated and useful members of society.

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My blog post focused on our beach road trip from last month and the lessons we learned during that weekend.  Before we left for our trip, I researched the most commonly sighted whales from the Oregon Coast.  I picked two of them, the Grey Whale, which is baleen, and the Orca, which is toothed, and made some posters for our hotel.  The posters have information about each whale and points out their physical traits.  We hung them by the picture window in our room, so we could figure out which whale we had seen.

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Whale Number Cards 0-50

My family recently took a vacation to the Oregon Coast, which is known for it's dramatic beaches, tide pools, and whale watching.  Although we never got to see any whales on the trip, we have spend a bit of time both before and after the weekend learning about whales and other marine mammals.  Every day this week, I'm going to have printables or ideas featuring whales!

Today's post was inspired by the two most common whales seen off the Oregon Coast- the Orca and the Grey Whale.  I made two sets of number cards featuring the mammals, which can be used for many different math activities.  When children are first learning their numbers, the printable can be used as flashcards for naming the number by it's digits.  After they know the name of the number, they can begin building it with counters (check out these cute whale counters!) and later base-10 blocks.

Later, the child can begin to put the cards in order, building their own number line, which can be used to help th…

Painted Lady Butterfly Life Cycle 3-Part Cards

I probably should have posted this a month or so ago when everyone was talking about getting their
Butterfly Growing Kit from Insect Lore in the mail.  I'm a bit slow to catch on to those things, but I decided to post this Montessori-inspired life cycle set anyways.  Perhaps someone who is still considering getting caterpillars and growing butterflies will have use for them, and I know they will be useful for years to come.

These 3-part cards match the Insect Lore Painted Lady figurines, and are a great companion to the butterfly kit.  The cards go through the four life stages of butterflies, from egg to caterpillar to pupa, and finally to adult butterfly.  Print two copies of the cards to make the traditional Montessori 3-part card activity (see the picture at the end of the post for instruction).  Have the child match the figurines to the picture, the label, and the whole card (pictures and label) for reading and spelling practice.

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