Go Back to School with Instant Ink

We recently got an Instant Ink compatible printer for our homeschooling.  I had been putting off buying ink on our old printer for several months, not wanting to put out the money to purchase new cartridges.  Then, I heard about a great deal on a new HP printer.  For the price of two cartridges for the old printer, I bought a brand new wireless printer with 10 months of free ink!  I've wanted a wireless printer for a long time, so it's even more perfect.

The printer is part of HP's Instant Ink program, a subscription service where ink is automatically sent before you need it (amazing!).  When you sign up for the program, you chose how many pages of printing you think you'll use a month- 30, 100, or 300.  Every month, your printing allowance starts over.  When the cartridge gets low, HP automatically sends you new ink.
Never run out of ink again!


- Big, Big Savings!
        check out the list on the right

- The Ink Gets Sent Before You Need It
        never run out again!

- Wireless Printing
          anywhere in the house or from your phone

- Suspend or Cancel At Any Time
         no penalties (possible bonuses for returning)


- Pay Every Month
        whether you use it or not

- Limited "free" pages
        must pay for additional pages

- must have wireless internet
         printer doesn't come with a USB

Update- One Year Later

We LOVE our Instant Ink Printer!  It's so amazing to always have ink in the printer when you need it, to print from anywhere, and to get FREE ink!  It's the best thing we've ever bought for our homeschool classroom.  Now, we just need a similar service for printer paper.

As well as the codes listed above, try adding- FREEINK, SAVE50NOW, 3FREEINK, SAVENOW50, HPINSTANTINK4U.  The more you stack, the more ink you get for free.  Also, make sure you sign up for the most pages at the beginning when you'll get them for free and then bump your subscription back down when the months run out.


  1. I happen to read your blog that focuses on HP’s Instant Ink program enrollment. I came to know about the 10 months Ink delivery process with the presence of automatic planning for Instant Ink compatible cartridges. I was amazed to know about how easy registering to HP Instant Ink program works. Can you please tell me whether this type of Ink refill service is available on any other printers than the HP Printer. Also, let me know on the Ink yield and print quality so that I may decide on when to buy my HP Wireless Printer. Thank you so much for this Instant Ink blog.

  2. Thanks for your questions! The Instant Ink program is a membership club run by HP. It only works with HP printers, no other brands. The club includes both the black ink cartridge and the color one. The ink yield doesn't matter because HP sends you a new cartridge before your old cartridge runs out. The ink is supplied on a need basis, not a monthly basis; although, you do pay your membership every month after the free months run out. The ink quality is nice. You can print pictures, full color printables, or whatever you want.

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