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Storing Montessori 3-Part Cards

I've talked about my binder system before, but it's been at least a year.  I thought I would share how I store 3-part cards and printables, and then share some other methods that I found on the internet.

These six binders (I think they're 1.5" wide) hold all our theme units for the year.  The color is just for fun, and the spines list which unit is in each binder.  You can see all our units from this year here.

Each theme has a unit cover in a page protector.  Behind the cover is a clear zipper pouch.  Unfortunately, these pouches are discontinued, but these are similar.  I put a few lines of machine stitching on them to distribute the printables better and help the binders lay flatter.  All the cut printables are in these pouches, then I have page protectors with all the other papers in it.  There might be a better system, but this has worked very well for us.  I love how little room it takes up and how it can be hidden in a kitchen cupboard.

Here are some ideas fro…

A Christ-Centered Passover (part 3)

It's Wednesday, and it's time to look at Passover again!  Part 1 was a general introduction to Passover traditions and Part 2 was all about Jesus.  This week, I'm going to share a sample script that can be used at a Messianic Passover Seder (say-der).

Just a reminder, the text from this script comes from the booklet I wrote years ago.  A really easy way to think of the Passover Seder is to approach it like a play with four acts based on the four cups (explained in Part 1).  I have linked a PDF at the end of this post with the same text for ease of printing.

I think it's really important to say that it's not absolutely necessary to do this script exactly as written.  It's also not necessary to do all the elements expressed in this Passover Haggadah.  Some years, we've done a full Passover with all the details.  Others years, we've simply read the Exodus story and eaten lamb and matah.  It just depends on our circumstances any particular year.  There is …

Airplane Themed Travel Activities

I've been enjoying Travel Time Tuesday so much and have been posting so much content (twice a week lately) that I decided to move all of it to its own blog.  The Airplane Activities blog post is now at my new site- Party Through the USA.

Click on the picture to go to the airplane post.

Lily Pad Skip Counting Gross Motor Activity

It's Springtime!  Our snow melted last week, and we've been hearing the frogs singing at night.  Everyone is eager to get outside, but now it's grey, cold, and muddy.  I was thinking about how the kids need gross motor activities to work out some energy in the house.  The kids have been working on identifying numbers, so I though this would be a great activity to reinforce number recognition.  We could use them for counting by putting plastic frogs on each pad.  I also thought these lily pads would work well for teaching skip counting since the concept of jumping over a number would be very obvious.  I'm hoping we get lots of use for them in the future and that you will as well.

To get the FREE printable, just click on the link:
Lily Pad Skip Counting Printable


The Non-Geek's Guide to Starting a Blog

Occasionally, I get asked how to start a blog.  There are other tutorials on the internet, and a quick Google search will pull up some good ones.  I'm not claiming that my way is best, but here are the basics of blogging, according to me.

1- Figure out What Type of Blog You Want to Write
If you're trying to start a blog, you need to think about what you might write about or the image that you want to create with your blog.  I started this blog as a way to share the homeschooling printables that I created and to document our learning.

2- Name Your Blog
Once you have an idea of what you're going to write about, then you can start formulating who you are.  Play around with your theme ideas and write down several blog name possibilities.

Next, take your list to Google and see what pops up when you type in your potential blog names.  Make sure that no one else already has your blog name and that the things that come up in your search match the general idea of your blog.

3- Decide…