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Homeschool Year 2018-2019 Curriculum Choices

I wanted to finish the first week of homeschool before I wrote about what we're doing this year.  I'm still not entirely sure what all we'll be learning and what resources we'll be using, but I'm excited to see what happens.  This is my fifth year of blogging, so I'm calling it our 5th year of homeschooling; however, my oldest is only seven.  Ok, here's what I know so far.

Dragonfly is seven years old and has recently become very girly.  I'm not sure what happened, but my rational, fact-based "science girl" is now an emotional, fantasy-loving dreamer.  She's been moving away from playing her brother's games and has discovered unicorns, Barbies, and ponies.  She's learned how to braid and has started to care about hair styles and crafting.

This school year, we're focusing primarily on the 3Rs.  For handwriting, we're using A Reason for Handwriting, which is a workbook which includes writing out Bible verses.  Although she&#…

Our 2018-2019 Homeschool Year

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