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Life in our pond is creative and chaotic.  This blog reflects our dreams, desires, projects, and printables.  Grab a lilypad and hang out with us for awhile.

I'm the blog author, Missy Pea.  I tend to have too many browser tabs open, too many printables in the works, and too many projects.  I have partly finished craft projects scattered all over the house, and I'm always starting new ones.

I began this blog in 2014 as a way to chronicle our homeschool adventures, but it's grown into so much more.  This scrapbook of our life has over 200 free printables, over 50 posts about traveling with kids, craft ideas and tutorials, and a bit of parenting encouragement.

I am a stay-at-home mom to three kids.

My husband is neither a bull nor a frog, but the name fits.  We've been married over twelve years, have lived overseas together, and have adopted three children from foster care.

Bullfrog and I like to joke that between the two of us, we own every department of Hobby Lobby.  He's a painter, modeler, paper-crafter, and inventor.  He's got his own pile of projects (usually more finished than mine) and three hobby locations.

He's currently working in a factory.

Our only daughter is currently six years old and is the big sister in every way.  She loves to play with her brothers and wrestle them.  She's recently discovered doll crafting videos and is spending a lot of time planning, cutting, and hot gluing (low temp).

Our five year old thinks he's Darth Vader most of the time (shhh!  Don't tell him DV is the bad guy!)  He marches around humming the Imperial March.  He has a life-size Darth as his protector and a smaller version for travel.  Many of my Star Wars posts have been inspired by his interest (plus his parents are big geeks too).

My "baby" is 4 years old and very firm in his preferences.  He loves to build Duplos and put trains in order.  Of course, both boys love any toys with wheels- cars, planes, trucks, etc.  He's very affectionate and quick to give hugs.

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