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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Travel Time Tuesday- Car Busy Bag

Last Tuesday, I started a new series called "Travel Time Tuesday," where I'm planning to document all the preparations we're making for our summer road trip.  Today's TTT is going to be very simple.  This car busy bag is specifically for Tadpole (2.5), but will probably be coveted and enjoyed by Skimmer as well.  The beauty of this busy bag is that it's all assembly and no crafting, so anyone can do it.

Last year, I bought a box of Jurassic World matchbox cars on clearance.  The box had five "adventure-themed" cars in it.  I horded the cars, not sure when I was going to use them.  Then, this week, I found a car-themed pencil bag on clearance.  It was the perfect size to hold all five cars.  I know Tadpole will enjoy zipping and unzipping the bag, taking the cars in and out, and playing with them in the car and hotels.

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