Monday, August 29, 2016

Science Unit Alphabet Posters

I finally figured out how to make subject covers for our science units that are also useful as subject introduction posters!  These covers (such as the one below) feature the animal that we're going to be focusing on, the "letter of the week" in a few different fonts, and the continent where the animal originates (in Montessori continent colors).  I took creative license on the posters, placing animals on a specific continent based on how we were going to study them, even if the animal (such as an owl) can be found in more than one place.  I plan on laminating these covers, using them as the dividers between my units, and then displaying them as posters during the week.  I think these will work very well for us.

Our 2016-2017 Science Units
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- apples (world map; a BTS tradition)
- gorilla (Africa; comparing apes and monkeys)
- vulture (Africa; scavengers; contentment)
- elephant (Africa; Savannah; safari)
- camel (Africa; desert)

fall break (one week)

- horse (USA; farm)
- alligator (USA; swamp)
- lizard (USA; desert)
- night owl (USA; nocturnal animals)
- pumpkins (USA; harvest; plant life cycle)

Thanksgiving break (one week)

- umbrella bird (S. America; rain forest)
- cookies (Christmas; gingerbread)
- winter (Christmas; snow)

Christmas break (two weeks)

- penguin (Antarctica)
- yak (Asia; Russia)
- bears (Asia; China; panda)
- tiger (Asia; India)
- dinosaurs (global; fossils)
- love (valentines' day)

Valentine's Day break (one week)

- zebra fish (ocean; coral reef)
- shark (ocean; food chain)
- manatee (ocean; marine mammals)
- octopus (ocean; invertebrates)
- quail (birds)
- fox (Europe)
- rabbit (land mammals)

Holy Week break (one week)

- kangaroo (Australia)
- worm (invertebrates)
- inchworm (insects; life cycles)
- jumping spider (spiders)
- frogs (pond; metamorphosis)
- bees (optional)


Dragonfly picked out ever subject that we're going to be studying this year.  She's a "Science Girl," and she knows what she wants to learn about.  I'm very glad that homeschooling fosters her self-driven desire to learn.  I hope she never loses it.

You can read about what we're going to put in the science notebook each week here.

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