Friday, March 24, 2017

Finding Nemo Adoption Party

My adoption party theme list is one of my most popular posts right now, so I knew it was time to update it with some free printables.  I had always intended to post the signs from this party, I just never got around to it.  So, back by popular demand, the Nemo Party!


We had the party at our church, after service, so we asked congregants to bring the food.  There were about 100 people at the party, so having help meant that the party was much more doable.

Darla's Fish Sushi: This was the neatest part of the whole party!  A friend and her kids assembled all the pieces for us (you can see them in the first picture) using a recipe from Pinterest.  Or you can buy some already assembled to save time.

Bruce's Tuna Salad Toast: Another group favorite.  I cut plain bread with a small cookie cutter and served them with tuna salad.  Easy and adorable.

Peach's Star Fish Sandwiches:  Plain o' PBJ cut into star shapes with a cookie cutter.  If you wanted, you could even use peach jam.  If peanuts are a concern, the same sandwiches would be made with meat and cheese.

Chum's Shark Teeth: Another favorite at the party, these white chocolate covered bugle chips were addicting!  They were quick to make as well.  I'm sure they'll show up at a party again in the future (shark week!).

Bubble's Tropical Bubbles:  Ok, well, this wasn't food at all.  I had a little bucket full of these fish bubbles as a party favor.

Gill's Aquarium Rocks:   Instead of having M&M's or something like that on the table, we had a fish bowl of chocolate rocks.  People loved the novelty of them and snarfed them right up.

Deb/Flo's Saltwater Pearls:  Using clam shaped cookies and white candy pearls, a friend assembled adorable as-seen-on-Pinterest cookies.

Bloat's Cheese Puffs:  Probably the easy snack item on the whole table.  Just dump a pile of cheese puffs in a bowl and call it a theme snack.

Marlin's Sea Cucumber Slices:  Another easy snack.  Plain, store-bought cucumbers sliced into snack size.  Something healthy to balance out all the treats.

Big Blue Juice:  The characters in Nemo call the ocean "Big Blue," so this juice is perfect for the party.  Serve it in an unbreakable drink dispenser, and you'll make everybody happy.

Dory's Tree Coral:  Plain cauliflower florets.

Crush's Orange Soda:  Wrap this label around a bottle of soda, and you're done.

We also added green licorice as seaweed, orange gumballs for decorations, and some fish shaped candy in fish bowls.

We also had a big bowl of sea shell pasta salad, so we needed some forks.  We wrapped green forks in orange napkins and tied them with green rickrack.  On each napkin tie, we added one of these fun tags.  Each tag can be cut out with a 2" circle punch.  The pile looked very inviting and fun.

We decorated with Nemo toys and balloons, and used stickers to personalize the cups.  The kids wore white tshirts that I embroidered by machine with little Nemos.  It was all so fun and cute!

I grabbed cheap frames from the dollar store and put Finding Nemo memes in them.  They were a really cheap, easy way to decorate and added a lot to the theme.

I think that's basically everything.  Be sure to grab the free printables for your next party (only the napkin tags and one meme reference adoption).

- food signs
- memes
- napkin tags
- food picks

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