Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dr Suess Quotes about Reading

I accidentally bought the wrong sized picture frame for another project, so I was in the market to find a poster to fill it.  We're also getting a new bookshelf soon, which lead me to Pinterest for ideas about how to decorate the reading area.  I ran across some fun Dr. Suess quotes, but they were too colorful for our house.  As often happens, when I can't find what I like, I make something new and share it on the blog.

I created FIVE posters with quotes about reading in two different sizes- 11x17 and 8x10.  Four of them are in black and white and one has some color.  I'm planning on using one or two in our reading area.  I hope you find a fun place for them too.  You can access them by clicking on the links below.

Free 11x14 Quote Posters

                                                        Free 8x10 Posters

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