Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Moana Road Trip

We're going to the beach!  We'll be driving to the Oregon Coast later this month for a long weekend.  As we were discussing which theme we should do for our "party on wheels," the kids suggested the pirate theme from last year.  They really liked having a themed flag, music, snacks, and such, so we discussed possibly doing a Finding Dory/Nemo party.  They decided that Nemo had been done, and that we should do Moana.

In the end, we're planning a beach/ocean themed trip with a Moana twist.  The kids are just hoping that I'll play the Moana soundtrack endlessly on our trip (smile).  I can't promise that we won't stream the video at some point either.  If the "ocean is calling" you too, you'll love this list of Moana and beach themed road trip fun!

{Moana-Themed Ideas}
- coloring and activity book for kids
- adult coloring book
- audiobook
- play set
- look and find book
- Moana bingo
- Tamatoa gold slime
- shark teeth necklaces
- Moana party plates
- heart of Te Fiti cookies
- Moana party printables

- sand dollar cookies
- salt water taffy
- pineapple/dried pineapple
- seashell pasta
- sand pudding
- jellyfish sandwiches
- blue juice
- shark teeth cheese
- crab croissant sandwiches
- fresh fruit on sticks
- fish shaped foods

{On the Road}
- paint with water
- reusable sticker scenes
- ocean felt board
- ocean i-spy printable
- jellyfish in a bottle
- ocean sensory bottle

{On the Beach}
- sand play dough (slime, foam,
beach ball
sand toys
sand cooking set
- mini sand castle play dough kit
- DIY big sandcastle kit

- W is for Waves (an ocean alphabet)
- In One Tide Pool

- O is for Orcas (a Pacific Northwest alphabet)
- Life Size Ocean
- Ocean Encyclopedia

- Peanut Butter Pirates
- Let's Go to the Beach
- Beach Boys: Sounds of Summer
- Finding Nemo Fish Favorites
- Disney Beach Party
Moana soundtrack

More Party on the Road Ideas

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