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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Moana Road Trip

Moana Road Trip Ideas from In Our Pond
We're going to the beach!  We'll be driving to the Oregon Coast later this month for a long weekend.  As we were discussing which theme we should do for our "party on wheels," the kids suggested the pirate theme from last year.  They really liked having a themed flag, music, snacks, and such, so we discussed possibly doing a Finding Dory/Nemo party.  They decided that Nemo had been done, and that we should do Moana.

In the end, we're planning a beach/ocean themed trip with a Moana twist.  The kids are just hoping that I'll play the Moana soundtrack endlessly on our trip (smile).  I can't promise that we won't stream the video at some point either.  If the "ocean is calling" you too, you'll love this list of Moana and beach themed road trip fun!

Moana Road Trip Ideas from In Our Pond
{Moana-Themed Ideas}
- coloring and activity book for kids
- adult coloring book
- audiobook
- play set
- look and find book
- Moana bingo
- Tamatoa gold slime
- shark teeth necklaces
- Moana party plates
- heart of Te Fiti cookies
- Moana party printables

Moana Road Trip Ideas from In Our Pond
Wikimedia Commons
- sand dollar cookies
- salt water taffy
- pineapple/dried pineapple
- seashell pasta
- sand pudding
- jellyfish sandwiches
- blue juice
- shark teeth cheese
- crab croissant sandwiches
- fresh fruit on sticks
- fish shaped foods

Moana Road Trip Ideas from In Our Pond
{On the Road}
- paint with water
- reusable sticker scenes
- ocean felt board
- ocean i-spy printable
- jellyfish in a bottle
- ocean sensory bottle

{On the Beach}
- sand play dough (slime, foam,
beach ball
sand toys
sand cooking set
- mini sand castle play dough kit
- DIY big sandcastle kit

Moana Road Trip Ideas from In Our Pond
Wikimedia Commons
- W is for Waves (an ocean alphabet)
- In One Tide Pool

- O is for Orcas (a Pacific Northwest alphabet)
- Life Size Ocean
- Ocean Encyclopedia

- Peanut Butter Pirates
- Let's Go to the Beach
- Beach Boys: Sounds of Summer
- Finding Nemo Fish Favorites
- Disney Beach Party
Moana soundtrack

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