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Friday, November 3, 2017

Gifts for Artists

Gifts for Artists- a gift guide from In Our Pond

My husband was born into a long line of painters and artists.  The need to create is in his DNA.  He has also been teaching the kids how to do basic art as well.  Today's "All Wrapped Up" gift guide is focused on the artist.

Pink BrushesSmock, and Watercolors

Dragonfly begs her daddy almost every day to do watercolors with him.  This set of pink art supplies will be great for her to distinguish her things from her dad's stuff.  I absolutely love the candy colored watercolor tray and pink brushes.  I'm debating about whether or not to get her a smock since I'm not sure she'll wear it.  I wanted to include it, though, because it's so cute!

These early drawing books would be a lot of fun for kids.  The Draw-Write-Now book could also be used as a handwriting textbook for homeschool.  Interestingly, none of my kids have shown very much interest in drawing.  These books might be just the motivation they need, though.

I loved stencils when I was a kid!  They gave me so many options for drawing, while eliminating the frustrations I had about not being able to draw.  This portfolio looks like a lot of fun.

This is really good paint.  That's about all I know about it.  My husband has requested it so he can start doing open air painting.  If you have an artist in your life, pamper them with the best paint.

I know I'll be buying Dragonfly a notebook like this to hold all of her paintings.  I should probably buy one for the husband as well.  It's watercolor paper with lots of sheets and a binding to keep it all contained.  It doesn't get much better or more utilitarian than that.

As I mentioned, my husband is wanting to begin open air (or plain air) paintings.  He's looking for an easel and a painters tray.  I like the storage in this easel and the extra tray for drying paintings.  The paint tray is clear to make color mixing better.  I think our daughter probably needs a set as well (wink).

These watercolor pencils are very neat.  You can either wet them and then color or color and then wet them.  So amazing.  They'd be great for adult coloring books too.

My husband has told me several times how much he wants/needs this moleskin journal.  It has watercolor pages and is bound to keep all the sketches together.  The water brush are neat for watercolor painting on the go, because you can fill up the pens and then just add water as needed.  I think they would work great with the colored pencils from above.

I hope you enjoyed Day 3 of the gift guide series!  Click on the picture to see all the other posts!

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