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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Elf-Sized Mini Books

Elf-Sized Mini Books from In Our Pond #miniatures #christmas #elfontheshelf

I'm addicted at all things ELF!  I have about five printable projects and ten blog posts in the works.  Even though Christmas has passed, I can't stop working on Elf stuff!

One of my current projects is a suitcase house for our Elf, so I've been working on decorations and accessories for it.  I had a lot of fun making the mini books.  I made some shaped books that can cover cardboard to make books that don't open.  I also made some slightly over-sized cookbooks with "real" recipes for winter Elf baking.  Lastly, there are two groups of coordinated, uniform books for a bookshelf.    I've already started assembling the books, and the kids think they're so fun.  These tiny books would be perfect addition to your Elf library or reading scene.

Click on the Picture Below to Download the PDF of Printable Mini Books!

Elf-Sized Mini Books from In Our Pond #miniatures #christmas #elfontheshelf

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