Bible Time (post 1)

Part of our future calendar time will include some time in the Bible.  I plan on introducing my kids to the books of the Bible as we read the stories, so I have cards where they can see the name of the book in print.  The signs were made with my digital scrapbooking program.
Books of the Bible (1, 2, 3, 4) 
Bible Reading Numbers
 I also want to make a count of our reading time, while practicing ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands place.  Additionally, I've made us a plastic frog to "feed" everyday with a black pom pom.  When we get to 100, we'll have a family party to celebrate reading the Bible for 100 days.
original idea here

As always, please respect my work and refrain from copying it.  Hope these ideas inspire you in your own schooling.


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