Worm Box

After much Pinterest searching, I believe I may have created an original idea (hard to do in the internet age).  Introducing the "Worm Box," a perfect pet for your toddler.  Worms are odorless, hardy, self-regulating, common, self-propagating, and take very little maintenance.  They're also an awesome learning opportunity for toddlers.  There are even books at the library about earthworms.

To make your own worm learning box, you need a large plastic tub (I found ours for $1 at Wal-mart), a bag of plain dirt (no fertilizer), and a take-a-way container of worms (store bought but you could dig for some if you wanted).  Dump the dirt in then bin and add the worms.  Don't worry if the worms seem lifeless at first, they're hibernating and will wake up soon.  While the worms are coming alive, take the kids around the yard to collect worm food, like leaves, dry grass, etc.  When you're done playing with the worms, cover the dirt with the bin's lid.

Another great addition for the box is some small garden tools.  I bought a small shovel and rake at the Dollar Tree.  Of course, the dirt is also good for driving small cars through and scooping with trucks.

Someday, I hope we'll be able to grow tadpoles into frogs.  Then, we'd have a real pond.  For now, the Toddlers are really enjoying the worms.  Dragonfly is pictured to the right digging in the box.

By the way- did you know that you can't get pinworms from earthworms?  They're totally different species!


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