Laundry Sorting Folder Game (free)

As you have probably deduced, I've been going crazy lately making folder games for my preschoolers.  This latest game is called "Laundry Sorting" to go with my preschool week "l is for laundry."  The game boards include sections for "large, medium, and small" and the child must sort the t-shirts according to those specifications.  It would also be possible to print extra copies of the shirts to encourage sorting of other kinds, like by color.  You could even teach sorting by "lights and darks" or "whites and colors."  Should you desire to take the game into the 3D world, you could instruct your child on how to hang these shirts on the wash line (upside down, so they don't get funky creases on the shoulders).  The pack includes two game boards and two pages of shirts.

To download this folder game, click on the link below.  Enjoy sorting laundry.

Laundry Sorting


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