Nap Time Folder Game (free)

One of our preschool themes for the upcoming year is "N is for Napping/Night."  In preparation for teaching the letter "N," I've used my scrapbook program ( to create a few file folder games.  The first game is a Pillow Shapes Matching activity, where the child works to match the wildly patterned (and clashing) pillows with their shape shadows.  There are two pages of "game boards" and one page of shapes to cut out and laminate.  The second game is a sorting activity, where the child is given several objects that pertain to "day" and "night" and must put them in the right category.  There are two game boards and two pages of objects to cut out for sorting.

You can download the games by clicking the link below.  Enjoy.

Nap Time Folder Games


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