m is for milk (week 2)

This was a really strange homeschooling week.  I think we've had too many extraordinary, crazy weekends in a row so everyone's sleep schedule has been off.  I only like to do "activities" if the kids are rested, but that didn't happen very often this week.  Here's what we did do.

Theme: milk (cows/farm)

Practical: practiced pouring and serving "milk"

Sensory: smelling and petting cows at the fair
              chocolate "mud" goop*
              played with knit farm mat

Educational: picture cards about milk
                     Youtube movie about how milk
                        get from the cow to our house
Work Boxes: sorted barns by size (here)
                     matching animal families (here)

Books: "Milk Machines"
             "Life on a Dairy Farm"
             "Click Clack Moo"
             "Big Red Barn"
             "Little Blue Truck"

Song: "Old McDonald Had a Farm"

Outing: We started our week with a trip to the fair and rodeo.  All week, Dragonfly has been talking about the rodeo princesses and Skimmer has been pretending his ride-on car is a bucking broncho.  Next year, I'd like for us to spend more time at the fair observing the bee hive, petting farm animals, and watching demonstrations.

 *How to Make the Goop:
- flour
- cocoa powder
- oil
- water

Sorry about the excess of pictures.  I couldn't pick my favorite since each one tells a different part of the story.


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