Quiet Books (the beginning of an obsession)

Pinterest got me again!  My latest crafting obsession is Quiet Books.  I'm aiming to create one for each of my kids (currently 3, 2, 1).  At first, I was going to focus on making simple fine-motor activities (zip, button, snap, etc).  As I dove deeper into the quiet book movement, I became swept away with all the adorable scenes, scenarios, and pretend play pages that other people had made.  Soon, I couldn't stop the cuteness.  Observe.

These were 2 of the first pages I made- one for zipping and one for snapping.  Both were cut from baby clothes and sewn to the felt pages.

I decided early in the process that I would make all the pages the same background color.  For this book, I chose a potato brown felt that I had bought by the yard and had hanging around the house.

This was another early page.  I had never made a buttonhole before (indeed I'm exploring many sewing "firsts" on this project).  The little plastic frog is from the Dollar Store and is glued to a piece of ric rac, which is then sewn to the inside of the pocket.  So far, this is the page that everyone is clamoring to have in their own books when the time comes.

Here's another super simple page.  I sewed a ribbon onto the glove and onto the page.  I also glued a small piece of metal onto the fingertip of the glove and put a magnet under the green fabric.  I'm hoping this combination will keep the glove in place as the pages are turned.  These first pages focused on what *I* want my kids to know: zips, snaps, buttons, how to put fingers in gloves.  It was only after more Pinterest research that I started creating pages that the kids might like (wink).

 Since this book will be for my almost 2 year old, I wanted to include some "babyish" pages that I thought he might still enjoy.  Ones that wouldn't require precise motor skills but would still be building muscles and coordination.

This page is filled with lots of textures, stuff that I found around the house and hot glued to the page.  From the top left, they are: pipe cleaner, fleece, strap, google eye, penny, plastic button, wood heart, plastic bag, satin ribbon, foam, elastic, rubber band, and scouring pad.
This is another "skills" page- lacing.  The frog button can jump through all the hoops to get to his home.  The house and road are made of felt and the hoops are key rings.

Ok, that's enough pages for now.  I'll post more soon!


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