PBJ Game

Do you need an easy DIY for a preschooler present?  Know how to use a glue gun?  Then, you can make this cute, simple game.  Best of all, it's nut-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free!

- 4 pieces of cream felt (I used craft felt)
- 4 pieces of purple felt
- 4 pieces of tan/light brown felt
- bread slice template (here)
- wood cube (I bought mine at the Dollar Tree)
- freezer paper
- glue gun
- scissors, hot glue sticks, clothes iron, pen/pencil
- metal tin for storage (I bought mine at Walmart)

I saw the idea for this game on Homeketeers and thought it was a great idea.  Since I did my game a bit differently though, I thought I'd post my own DIY.

1)  Print template from the website.  You may need to play around with the sizing to get a "slice" that fits in your tin lunch box.  Or you can draw one free hand.

2)  Place a piece of freezer paper (I found mine with the tin foil, etc, at Walmart) over the printed template, paper side up, and trace the bread slice 4 times.

3)  Iron the freezer paper onto the cream felt, taking care not to scorch your felt.  Cut out slices but don't throw away your templates yet.

4)  Cut out 4 more slices, using the freezer paper templates.

5)  Cut out a "blob" to use for the jelly and/or the peanut butter.  Iron it onto the tan or purple felt and cut out.  Make a total of 4.  Repeat process for the other condiment (peanut butter or jelly).

6)  Using the glue gun, attach one slice of bread onto a solid sheet of cream felt.  Cut around the slice to make a double-thick piece.  Do this process for all the pieces, each with their own color (see picture).

7)  Glue scrap pieces of felt onto the wood block to make a die (2 squares of each color).

8)  Put all the pieces in a metal lunch box to store until game time.

To Play:
Each player is trying to build their own PBJ sandwich.  The players take turns rolling the die and picking up the pieces that match the color they roll.  If a player rolls a color that s/he doesn't need, then the player doesn't collect any pieces that round.  The game is won when one player has a complete sandwich- 2 pieces of bread, 1 blob of jelly, and 1 blog of peanut butter.

Hope you enjoy!


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