Behold the Lamb (Day 5)

"So we share in this bread of life.  And we drink of His sacrifice.  As a sign of our love.  Around the table of the King."
      - Kieth and Kristen Getty

From the smell of the homemade unleavened bread, to the smell of the roasted lamb roast, to the flutter of the red paper streamers above the doorway, today is the most interactive of all the stories.  Today, we celebrate the Passover and remember God's redemptive work on the cross.

In the early afternoon, I had the children watch the Jesus Storybook Bible version of the Passover story (called God to the Rescue).  Then, my daughter helped me make the unleavened bread.  We mixed, kneaded, flattened, stabbed, and striped the bread, talking the whole time about the Sinless Savior who was beaten and pierced for us.

We eat the bread to remember Jesus, the Bread of Life.

A few hours later, I placed the lamb roast in the oven.  I had been talking to the kids all week about the source of the lamb (a real animal) and the purpose of the lamb in the past.  We touched its blood and talked about God's allowance in the animal sacrifices to cover our sins.  We mourned that one little lamb couldn't cover all the sins for all time.  Then, we learned that the Bible calls Jesus the Lamb of God and talked about what that meant.  We rejoiced that Jesus' sacrifice on the cross covered everyone's sins for all time.

We eat the lamb to remember Jesus, the last Passover Lamb.

For dinner, we had lamb, unleavened bread, horseradish, asparagus, and grape juice.  Afterwards, we read "The Servant King" story from the Jesus Storybook Bible.  You can find the video of the story here.

(editorial- we did Passover today because today was the actual holiday, even though it put the story out of order)


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