Roll and Cover Games

I've recently started looking at my Mommy School curriculum and making lists of the subjects/areas where I'd like to add more material.  Thanks to my digital scrapbooking program, it's pretty easy to make up my own worksheets, busy bags, and games.  Here are five "roll and cover" games that I've made:
          Candy (L for Lollipop)
          Zoo (z for zoo)
          Pirates (X marks the spot)
          Circus (j for juggle)
          Space (u is for universe)

To play a roll-and-cover game, print out one game page per player (this can be a solo game too).  Grab something to "cover" the game squares, like buttons, candy, plastic stars, pompoms, etc.  Take turns rolling the dice and covering up that many squares.  The game ends when one person has covered their entire board.  Alternatively, you can play a subtraction game where you start with a covered board and then take away as you roll the dice.  Additionally, you could ask the child to record the math as number sentences (20-5=15 for example).



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