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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Boys' Car Activity Bag

Yesterday, I posted about Dragonfly's activity bag.  Today, I'll show you the ones for the boys.
His bag contains:
- motorcycle (thrift store)
- various blue vehicles ($ store)
- altoid tin for pouring and dumping
- blue play dough balloon (DIY)
- pretend cell phone ($ store)

As you can see, it's all about cars, wheels, and things to spin in Skimmer's bag.  I'm sure he will also do some things from Dragonfly and Tadpole's bags, too.  I forgot to include the "something to spin" and i-spy activities that I posted about a few days ago (here).  'He also has a zipper bag in blue for snacks.

This is Tadpole's Bag:
- noisy camera toy (thrift store)
- marble maze (DIY)
- wood animal magnets (DIY)
- trucks ($ store)
- car track mat (DIY)

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