Sleep Sacks for Toddlers

Sorry about the picture quality- I'm still learning my new camera
This week, we had an apocalyptic level problem- Tadpole learned to climb out of his crib.  We were worried about his safety and our sanity, since he could access things while we're sleeping.  Then, inspired by the pioneers, I came up with a solution- a sleep sack for toddlers.  (Yes, this is my 3rd child in 3 years and yes, I did *just* think of this (duh!))

I used my Day Camp t-shirt for the week before and sewed the sides to narrow it, leaving room for arm holes.  Then, I sewed the bottom shut to make a sack.  To get the kid into the sack, put him in feet first, through the head hole.  Then, pull the sack up, slipping the arms into the holes.  Ta-da!  A sleeping bag that keeps him from climbing out of his bed!  I also love that it's become part of his routine.  By the time he gets his diaper changed and gets his sack on, he's ready to sleep!
Of course, the other kids decided that they needed sleep sacks too.  The above picture is Skimmer in his Goodwill "retirement" (Arizona) shirt.  His shirt had a large head hole, so I added elastic to the collar.  I like the way it looks and how it stays on his shoulders better than it would have without it.
This is Dragonfly's sleep sack.  She told me that she likes how tight it is on her body.  You could buy a sensory "cocoon" (like this) or you can just get some t-shirts at Goodwill and spend a bit of time on a sewing machine.  I hope I've been inspiring (and not too confusing).


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